King Oberon, most of the time just Oberon or by the nickname Obes, is the King of Fairies in medieval and Renaissance literature. He is best known as a character in Shakespeare's play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which he is Consort to Titania, Queen of Fairies.


King Oberon is a character in Sjin and Lewis' Minecraft series, Druidz, who is very important to the main plot. He instructed Sjin to become his champion and go to a new world and save it from its future of destruction and pollution, just like how the Yogscast Complete server ended up. This new world is the Resonant Rise 3 server. After the club incident, he sent them to the world of Regrowth - which they promptly corrupted. Fed up, Oberon cast them out of Nature and gave them a challenge to build a city and plucked Duncan out of time to help them.

He has a daughter by the name of Eldraphyn. After Oberon vanished (to the club), she inherited his throne, but Elwyn Sorrowsong overthrew her and Eldraphyn was forced to flee to the Overworld, were she allied with Sjin of Sjinterfel to reclaim her throne.


Resonant Rise 3
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