Lauren, under the username Radderss, is a YouTuber and Twitch Streamer. She joined the Yogscast in July 2017.


  • She appeared as a guest across multiple streams during the Jingle Jam 2017.
  • She was let go from the Yogscast in March 2020. Both her and other members of the Yogscast claim it was purely a business decision.


  • She has four cats named Millie, Mollie, Muffin, and Tiger-Lily.
  • She was Toby's girlfriend.
  • In a joke tweet prior to the Jingle Jam 2017, Radderss said that if $5 million was raised during that year's Jingle Jam, she would shave her head. Unexpectedly, $5 million was raised that year and she was shaved live on-stream
  • She suffers from CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), as of December 2013.
  • When playing TTT, if another player decides Radderss is the traitor, they will quite often begin referring to her as "Badderss".
  • After her performance on the Karaoke stream during the 2018 Jingle Jam, she is now referred to as the Yogscast Adele for her amazing voice.




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