Leo Taylor is the drummer of the band Area 11.


  • "YOU SHALL NOT PISS!" (actually on twitter, he claimed that a wizard said that.)
  • "Don't fuck with me son." (After Sparkles* says they weren't recording drumming Leo's high hat whilst recording pieces possibly needed in the final edits)
  • "I fucking love pizza."
  • "Have you ever tried to play drums for 4 days straight? it's fucking hard" (after him and Sparkles* had a fake fall out on "fan service")
  • "Parv is definitely the butt monkey of this group."
  • "Mind you, I can hold my breath forever."


  • Leo plays the drums because he "can't play a proper instrument".
  • Leo loves pizza.
  • Leo, along with Kogie, Sparkles* and Parv love the band "Refused".
  • Leo recently blistered his finger, and according to Sparkles*, it was because of his bad drum playing.
  • Leo studied Music Tech at university
  • Leo accidentally joined the band Area 11. For his course at uni. he needed a band and one of his friends who was recording a drummer-less Area 11 suggested him.
  • Leo is currently living with Kogie.
  • He has saved at least one seagull in his life.
  • On his drums it says "LEO Goes BOOM".