Leozaur, also known as Leo, was a Content Producer for the Yogscast and the queen of birbs. She has live-streamed survival video games such as Colony Survival with Lewis, Ravs, and Pedguin on the main Yogscast Twitch channel as part of the Colony Crew streams. She also frequently participates in the Yogscast art stream (Doodle Break) and streams games on her own Twitch channel. Also Leo sometimes does squad streams with Ravs on each other's channels.

She is known to love birbs and Japan. Leo had also recently ran a charity event to support a local bird park and frequently watches Japanese commercials (one of her favourites being long long man) on her morning streams. She also now has her own merch store where you can buy her froggy merch at Leos Frog Shop.

Leo left yogscast on the 19th of February 2021 so that she could focus on education and her plans to become a teacher in Japan.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Leo is vegan.
  • Leo has a very rare condition called bilateral amblyopia (in other words, two lazy eyes).[2]
  • Leo is bisexual.[3]
  • Leo used to run for “hot girl summer.”[4]
  • Leo is a “professional gamer girl.”
  • Leo used to(?) date the popular English Youtuber TheGamingLemon.
  • Leo announced her departure from the Yogscast on 14 February 2021[5], to instead train to become a teacher in Japan.

Notable Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I leo'd it"
  • "DETAIN!"
  • "Can what?"
  • "I love the sound of death"
  • "Why is there a corgi? Because I am the fucking queen!"
  • "I've got tears in my eyes..."
  • "Waaaaaoooooowww"
  • "This is very froggy chair"
  • "OwO"
  • "Can we just take a moment to appreciate the skin that we have on our balls."
  • "Hello, welcome to my ass."

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