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Lewis Brindley, under the username Xephos, is a founding member of the Yogscast. Lewis, along with Simon, runs the "main" Yogscast YouTube channel. On that channel, they upload an enormous variety of content, such as Minecraft adventure maps and mini-games, Garry's Mod, the occasional indie game, and many collaborations. Some of Lewis and Simon's most popular Minecraft series include YogLabs, Jaffa Factory, JaffaQuest, Hole Diggers, Deep Space Mine, Lucky Block Challenge, and of course, Shadow of Israphel.

Yogscast Website Summary[]

Lewis founded The Yogscast in 2008, with the goal of sharing Simon with the world. Since then, the channel has grown to become one of the largest in the UK and Lewis remains the de facto leader of the team - balancing Simon’s boldness with reason and caution.

Education and Career[]

Lewis was educated at King Edward VI Grammar School in Chelmsford and studied Chemistry at the University of Manchester from 2002 to 2006. He also took Law for the first year, he failed the final exam and was dropped from the course, Lewis said he hated studying law. In 2000, Lewis, then only 16 years of age, entered The Daily Telegraph Young Science Writer Awards with his article "Breathe Slowly and Keep Asthma at Bay".[1] In the article, Lewis reveals that he has had asthma his entire life, but his condition was improved by the Buteyko method. Lewis won the "Younger category" of the awards for his article on the alternative asthma treatment and had a picture taken with Princess Anne. Lewis worked at The Royal Society of Chemistry as a Freelance Science Writer/Journalist from August 2006 to September 2010. Lewis' experiences included "writing news and features for the Royal Society of Chemistry's magazine Chemistry World, more than three hundred articles published," and "regular attendance at press briefings across the country and reporting back from conferences abroad, such as the EU Chemistry Congress held in September 2008 in Turin, Italy." Several of the articles that were written and published by Lewis in Chemistry World can be found on the website of the Royal Society of Chemistry.


  • Lewis and Simon's YouTube channel initially started out as a World of Warcraft "How-To" channel, in which they uploaded videos of their guild, Ye Olde Goone Squade, killing bosses, with commentary on how to beat the said boss in the foreground.
  • Lewis is allergic to cats and kernel. He is also allergic to nuts, but not almonds.
  • Lewis has a Masters degree in chemistry.
  • Lewis went to school with the actor Joe Thomas and the YouTuber Spencer Owen.
  • In SethBling's "Pile of Bodies" Minecraft map, Lewis' statue was included and his head was full of torches, which is a reference to Lewis' excessive torch use in Minecraft.
  • Lewis had camped a lot as a child and completed the Duke of Edinburgh's Award gold level, as well as being in the Army Cadets and the Scouts.
  • Lewis is 5 feet, 8 inches tall (172,5 cm).
  • Lewis used to date Hannah, however, Hannah announced their split in 2015.
  • Lewis used to play the clarinet.
  • Lewis voiced Thunder Flame, one of the two heads of a dragon in the Polaris series of Broken Quest.
  • Lewis' old Minecraft skin is based on William Riker from "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
  • Lewis had laser eye surgery.
  • Lewis has stated that his favourite football team is Ipswich Town.
  • Lewis and Simon were the guests on episode 23 [2] of The Shaft Podcast.
  • Lewis' blood type is A, his grandmother was O and his grandfather was AB Positive.
  • Lewis' great-grandmother was a French farmer.
  • Lewis once walked down Chelmsford High Street dressed as a Worm from the "Worms" series of video games for charity.
  • Lewis has been electrically shocked three times: Once whilst trying to fix a lightbulb in his bathroom whilst he was living in a student house, once when he was tased by a friend called Dave and another when he was trying to climb over an electric fence during The Duke of Edinburgh.
  • Lewis was pepper sprayed in Cadets.
  • Lewis' World of Warcraft character, Xephos, is a Draenei hunter, his alternate character, Zephos, is a human death knight, his other character, Xukuva, is a Tauren paladin, and his additional character, Xephiel, is a blood elf hunter.
  • Lewis comes from Essex, England.
  • Lewis used to be called "Hat Boy" after he came to school wearing "The Hat", as it's called by Lewis and Simon.
  • Lewis is the son of Alan Brindley.
  • Lewis dislikes coffee.
  • Lewis drinks tea by Teapigs. When he is at the office or is in the middle of recordings, he drinks chai tea made in a pot Indian style. At home, he drinks matcha green tea in a big mug.
  • Lewis has a younger brother named Ralph Brindley, who broke his femur bone in the past as mentioned by Lewis in the Triforce Podcast episode "Femurs and Funerals".
  • Lewis has written an article about asthma.[3]
  • Lewis has a west highland terrier dog named Scotty.
  • His username, "Xephos," was originally spelt "Zephos," as his main World of Warcraft character was called this. The name change came about when Lewis used the spelling "Xephos" for his Minecraft account's username, presumably due to the fact that Zephos was already taken.
  • Lewis hates cheese.
  • Lewis mentioned on the very first stream of the 2015 Christmas Livestreams that his very first username online was "Crumpet".
  • Lewis watches anime, as discussed in the Triforce Podcast episode "Ain't no Ghibli".
  • Lewis' most well-known username, Xephos, is based upon a sword used in Ancient Greece, Xiphos.[4]
  • In one of the Yogpods Lewis once called Sips repeatedly at 3 am while he was drunk.
  • Lewis is an atheist.
  • Lewis was a vegetarian, as mentioned in 2017/2018 in the Jingle Jam livestream and the series Colony Survival; however, he is now a vegan.
  • Lewis makes his own applesauce, and apparently, eats it out of a bowl like soup.
  • Zylus mentioned that Lewis is 34 years old, in 2018 January 14th, on a GTA V video; to Lewis' dismay.
  • It was hinted during the 2018 Jingle Jam Livestreams that Lewis was in a relationship, but no other details were given.
  • Lewis has a fanclub in the comments that are known for rivaling the Ben fan club. It is led by the Leader of the Lewish People and The Poonster.
  • Lewis once noted that a previous username of his was 'I drank a lava lamp'.
  • On the Lewis and Lydia, Stangler and Pusher stream on 24/10/19 Lewis mentioned that he had been in a relationship for 3 years. It was later rumored that this relationship was with The Spiffing Brit, but these rumors are likely false, as Spiff has a fiancée.
  • Lewis had 4 wisdom teeth and 4 other teeth removed. [5]
  • Lewis revealed that his nan had passed away on the 8th of December 2020 during the Jingle Jam..
  • Lewis came second in the Yogscast Starcraft 2 Invitational losing to Ben in the Grand Finals.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "The thing is..."
  • "You cheeky bugger."
  • "Fuckin' Hell."
  • "Oh bugger."[6]
  • "Are you alright there, friend?"
  • "For fucks' sake!"
  • "Um, holy shit, son."[7]
  • "Mother of god."[8]
  • "Don't worry about it!"
  • "Look, it's fine."
  • "Well, there you go."
  • "Hello?"
  • "Careful, friend!"
  • "Aaaaaaaarrgh!"
  • "Siimmooooon!"
  • "Duncan!"
  • "This is a disaster!"
  • "You guys are just the worst!"
  • "Bollocks!"[9]
  • "Balls to it."
  • "What!? Seeds!?"
  • "Organs Ben!"
  • "Shut up!"
  • "God's been swinging."


Archive Links Google Plus[]

As of April 2019, Google+ no longer supports personal consumer/brand accounts. Lewis' three accounts fell under this category and were subsequently removed.[10]