The Little Maids are a group of super-powerful, anime-looking maids, who have appeared as antagonists in the YogLabs series.

The maids first appeared in Little Maids Mod - YogLabs, the fourth episode of YogLabs, where they were shown in a mod spotlight of the Little Maids mod by 'MMM'. Not long after the recording of the episode, the maids managed to take over YogLabs and sealed Dr. Testificate MD and a group of scientists in the Medbay. After playing around with Lewis' company car for a while, Lewis and Simon used guns from the Ferullo's Gun Mod to raid YogLabs and rescue the scientists. It was then revealed that the maids were government agents, sent to take over YogLabs. The maids escaped by using the Skyladder.

Following these events, Simon and Lewis' gun licences were revoked, due to their irresponsibility around firearms.

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