Lyndon is Nilesy's pet cat. On the 8th of December, 2012, during the Yogscast Christmas Livestreams, Lyndon made a brief appearance on-screen for several minutes. 

During this time, many people in chat just had wanted to stop watching video games and wanted to watch Lyndon. This was because Lyndon is a "sexy beast" and always shows his "sexiness".


  • Lyndon has also starred in YOGSCAT Lyndon opens his toys from Hannah!
  • As stated in Nilesy's 500k Subscriber Special, Lyndon is an excellent Minesweeper player
  • Lyndon was voiced by Teep in Nilesy's 500k Subscriber Special
  • Lyndon was bought 3 presents from the US by Hannah, a laser pen, a catnip owl, and a box
  • During Minecraft: Evicted #4 it is revealed that Lyndon is aggressive to other cats, also that he runs away when he's not on the lead outside
  • Lyndon is briefly mentioned in Minecraft: Diamonds in the Rough with Sjin and Nilesy: Alino Grazil Returns! Part 1
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