Mike Schramm is writer and editor for the Joystiq Network and co-host of the Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness alongside Turps.

Mike and Turps began their podcasting careers on the WoW Insider Show, a news podcast based around the popular MMO-RPG World of Warcraft. Then, in February 2010, Mike and Turps decided to make their own weekly gaming podcast by the name of The Incredible Podcast of Amazing Awesomeness, abbreviated to TIPOAA. The podcast consists of Mike and Turpster talking about a multitude of games and gaming news and often straying off onto unrelated topics, such as movies, television or killing orphans (see episode 108). They frequently have special guests on the show.


On the 50th episode of TIPOAA, Mike and Turps had Simon and Lewis as special guests and the Yogscast now occasionally promote Mike and Turps' content now that Turpster works directly for the Yogscast.

On Christmas Eve 2012, during the Christmas Livestreams, Mike and Turps hosted the seven-hour livestream on the Yogscast Twitch TV channel for "Honeydew's Honey Drive." During this livestream, they played World of Warcraft's new expansion, Mists of Pandaria, Diablo III, Minecraft and Torchlight 2.

A year later, during the Christmas Livestreams of 2013, Mike Schramm appeared once again on Turps' Boxing Day livestream, in which Turps tried to improve his Hearthstone skills.