Mistral Cemetery, also known as the Tranquil Gardens, is a graveyard next to the Church of the Holy Record and was first seen in Minecraft - "Shadow of Israphel" Part 3: I DEMAND YOUR FINEST BACON! where Skylord Lysander was giving Honeydew and Xephos a tour through Mistral City. This cemetery had many graves saying several humorous things, and included Israphel's grave.


  • Reverend John: "Missing, presumed undead"
  • Israphel: "We do not speak of him"
  • Honeydew: "AAAAAAAH"
  • Xephos: "Farewell, friend"
  • Michael Barrymore's career
  • 404: "Name not found"
  • Minthor:"A feisty little minx."
  • DAVE! YOGNAUT: "He had the balls"
  • TotalBiscuit: "He was here once, honest"
  • Felloffalot: "He Fell off.. ..a lot."
  • Birituff: "Old age ended his old life."
  • Biritoff: "Drowned in the Pool of Life"
  • Samras: "'Twas a creeper that ended him."
  • Dangerous Dan: "Died in a fire in his own home."
  • Mayor Gumby: "A finer mayor there was not."
  • Pastor Gumber: "Should not have taken a bite."
  • Pastor Reynolds: "He has preached his last preach."
  • Frankfurt: "SHIIIIIIIII-"
  • Brothar: "A brother to us all"
  • Gelaphir: "He will be sorely missed."
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