Monster Hunters was Simon Lane, Kim Richards, and Hannah Rutherford's mini series on the Yogscast Complete server. The main goal of their series was to defeat all of the bosses in the Twilight Forest, putting one of their heads on a trophy that unlocks a special Twilight Forest dungeon and get the "epic loots" at the end of said dungeon.

They had completed their goals, so they ended the series on the 28th of October 2014.

Episode GuideEdit

Kim, Hannah and Simon — Monster Hunters
Video Name Table yt
Minecraft - Siki Ha - Monster Hunters 1 Watch
Minecraft - Green Cross Code - Monster Hunters 2 Watch
Minecraft - Point Scoring - Monster Hunters 3 Watch
Minecraft - For Khaz Modan! - Monster Hunters 4 Watch
Minecraft - Nonchanlantelly - Monster Hunters 5 Watch
Minecraft - What`s Lembas Bread? - Monster Hunters 6 Watch
Minecraft - Minoshroom - Monster Hunters 7 Watch
Minecraft - Freedom! - Monster Hunters 8 Watch
Minecraft - Grass Ceiling - Monster Hunters 9 Watch
Minecraft - Second Time Lucky - Monster Hunters 10 Watch
Minecraft - Lich (King) - Monster Hunters 11 Watch
Minecraft - Song For Kim - Monster Hunters 12 Watch
Minecraft - Afterparty - Monster Hunters 13 Watch
Minecraft - Mother Huggers - Monster Hunters 14 Watch
Minecraft - Ghast Bomb - Monster Hunters 15 Watch
Minecraft - Hologrammatic Waifu - Monster Hunters 16 Watch
Minecraft - Into the Stronghold - Monster Hunters 17 (Finale) Watch

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