Mousie, aka MissMousieMouse, is a full-time YouTuber, Twitch Streamer, instagram & internet Personality. She's been active on Youtube since Nov 2013, with her main channel Mousie, creating PG kid-friendly content. In January 2018, she created a second channel Mousie After Dark for more mature content.

She began livestreaming fulltime on Twitch in 2017. She signed with the Yogscast the same year.[1]

As of October 2019, Mousie has moved to the Netherlands and currently lives together with fellow Yogscast streamer Zylus in Hilversum.

On May 3rd 2020, Mousie and Zylus announced their relationship publicly on her YouTube channel and on Twitch.[2]


  • As of April 2020, Mousie is 25.
  • She is 5ft2
  • She is allergic to Wheat.
  • She is a pescetarian.
  • She prefers to be called "Mousie".
  • She is from Texas and used to live in Ohio.
  • She loves tattoos and has quite a few.
  • She also loves Reese's Pieces.
  • Her real name is Hanna. Her name was first revealed on the Jinge Jam 2017, when Lewis accidentally doxxed her.[3]
  • Mousie is bisexual.[4]
  • She is a practicing Mormon.
  • Mousie thinks manatees and hippos are "pretty neato".
  • Mousie went to Uni at 16 and majored in Archaeology, but then dropped out because she "saw sense".
  • On May 3rd 2020 she released a video confirming her relationship with Zylus.

Notable Quotes

  • "Down to clown"
  • "What's good?"
  • "Homeslice"
  • "My dudes"
  • "Gay that clownman"
  • "I don't abuse Zylus!"
  • "I can only fuck with the dick I'm given with, my dude"
  • "I don't know what I'm doooing!"




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