Mushbury Tales is a Minecraft series about Zoey and Fiona in an alternate timeline where they must work together to save several worlds (including theirs), from the different versions of their enemy.

Joke StatusEdit

"Minecraft - Mushbury Tales #43 - The Sands of Time" was meant to be the 43rd of the series but had no earlier episodes. When you clicked on the link in the description it brought you to the 42nd episode of Shadow of Israphel. This obviously shows that the series is a reference and connection to Shadow of Israphel. It was posted on April Fools' Day as a joke but it was stated that if it got 25,000 likes, which it hasn't reached, it would become a real series. It was recently announced by Zoey that an actual series will be made, despite the video not reaching 25,000 likes. This series is titled "Beyond Mushbury", a Minecraft series on the Yogscast Complete Pack server. It mimics 80s' and 90s' sci-fi shows. Zoey said on Tumblr that she took notes from the movie Galaxy Quest.


The series is fantasy and takes place in a world where mushrooms are thinking, talking entities. As much as we know so far, Zoey went on a journey to get goblin boogers for a potion to cure Auntie Shroomsie, a divine elder mushroom of her curse. Sadly she died and warned Zoey about impending doom. Zoey runs to the kingdom to save all mushrooms and makes a friend named Fiona who was hired as security for the castle but they both learn that the king was replaced by the evil ruler of the nether wart colony, who tries to spread the sands. Fiona the beacons of time and space before rescuing Zoey who finds out she was the heir to the throne and they decide to use the beacons to go to other timelines and save them.

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