Nathan Ashman, also known as just Ashman, is a friend and former member of Hat Films.


Nathan Ashman completed his BA in English Literature at the University of Portsmouth in 2011, returning the following year to complete an MA in Literature, Culture, and Identity, graduating in 2012. Nathan is currently writing his doctoral thesis on James Ellroy, with a particular focus on how Ellroy fuses the epistemological foundations of the detective novel and the historical novel to re-investigate and re-imagine 20th century American history.

Hat FilmsEdit

The origins of Hat Films began when Trott and Ross were attending university. They met at a Television and Film university course, and later in their friendship had the idea to make videos outside of their class assignments. For a few years, Hornby, Ashman, Adams and Trott became the original "HAAT Films". However, the years passed and Trott and Ross finished their course in Video and Film production. Ashman and Adams moved on to different things, and Trott and Ross were left needing a new member. A friend of Trott's, Alex (Smith), was willing to join Haat Films. And so they got rid of the extra "a" and Hat Films was born.



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