Ni No Kuni is a game by Level-5 Studios and Studo Ghibli which was first released in Japan for the Nintendo DS on December 9, 2010 and was later ported to the PS3 in Japan on November 17, 2011. The PS3 version of the game was then released to North America on January 22, 2013, Australia on January 31, 2013 and Europe on February 1, 2013.


Ni No Kuni is a game about a 13-year-old boy named Oliver, and his mother dies, saving him from drowning. While Oliver cries in his "stuffed" toy named Mr. Drippy, suddenly, he comes alive, telling Oliver he is "Drippy, Lord High Lord of the Fairies", and starts calling Oliver "Ollie boy", and "Cry-Baby Buntling". Drippy tells Oliver that he was cursed by Shadar, the Dark Djinn, an evil wizard in a parallel world, who takes parts of people's hearts, and makes them "broken-hearted". Soon, Mr. Drippy tells Oliver he is what is called, "The Pure-Hearted One", who is the only person who can defeat Shadar to save Drippy's world. Drippy also tells Oliver that there are people called "Soulmates", whose souls are connected to people from his world, to Oliver's. When a soul from a world is broken-hearted, it affects the soulmate from the other world, too. Drippy says if they can find his mom's soulmate, there would be a chance that Oliver's mom would come back alive. Oliver thinks of trying to save his mom's soulmate, then agrees to go there. Oliver finds a wand to cast a spell called "Gateway", to go to Drippy's world. Oliver explores the world and meets Esther, who is the daughter of Rashaad, a retired Sage. Oliver cures Esther's broken-hearted soul, from a girl in his world named "Starey-Marey", to cure Esther's heart, and Mary's as well. Esther agrees to accompany Oliver on his journey, passing the Temple of Trials, and so forth The threesome then finds a thief, who steals a picture of a Sage whom they need to find. The thief, named Swaine was broken-hearted, so Ollie then cures him, making Swaine give the picture back, and also befriending him. Swaine then joins the group and travels with them.


  • Martyn Littlewood did a full 61 episode playthrough of the game on his channel that lasted 7 months. He also did 3 streams of the game on his twitch channel in which he power-leveled on TokoTokos and did the majority of the game's errands and side quests.In his playthrough, however, he did not cover the postgame.
  • Before Kim Richards and PlayStation Access were part of the Yogscast, she and Rob Pearson covered the Top 5 best moments in the game in a video which can be found here. They also covered the demo of the game which they split into two parts. Part 1 can be found here whilst part two can be found here.
  • Kim also placed the game as her number 2 game of the year in 2013. [1]

Episode GuideEdit

Martyn — Ni No Kuni
Video Name Table yt
Eurogamer - Ni No Kuni (Ghibli Game!) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Welcome To Motorville! (Part 1) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Wizard`s Companion (Part 2) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Gateway (Part 3) Watch
Ni No Kuni - All The Monsters! (Part 4) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Drippy Meet Strippy! (Part 5) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Forest Guardian (Part 6) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Three Missing Boys (Part 7) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Red Herring (Part 8) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Cawtermaster (Part 9) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Kangy + Pea (Part 10) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Ding Dong Well (Part 11) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Golden Grove (Part 12) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Meeting Sappy! (Part 13) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Gladiataur (Part 14) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Rusty`s Nightmare (Part 15) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Spice Up Your Life! (Part 16) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Temple Of Trials (Part 17) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Trial Of Strength (Part 18) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Old Smoky! (Part 19) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Moltaan Lord Of Lava (Part 20) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Leaving The Desert (Part 21) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Castaway Cove (Part 22) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Cowlipha (Part 24) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Alchemy + Swim Shorts! (Part 23) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Welcome Swaine! (Part 25) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Eye Of The Storm (Part 26) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Fairyground (Part 27) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Broken Arted! (Part 28) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Mummy`s Tummy (Part 29) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Reborn, En`t It?! (Part 30) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Hamelin`s Parade! (Part 31) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Porco Grosso (Part 32) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Time.. Travel? (Part 33) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Tombstone Trail (Part 34) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Candelabracadabra (Part 35) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Back To The Future! (Part 36) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Sky Pirate`s Hideout (Part 37) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Red Dragon! (Part 38) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Denny`s Nightmare (Part 39) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Crypt Casino! (Part 40) Watch
Ni No Kuni - A New Pet! (Part 41) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Welcome To Yule (Part 42) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Ollie`s Nightmare (Part 43) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Rarebit! Rarebit?! (Part 46) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Cerboreas` Duty (Part 45) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Glimmering Grotto (Part 44) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Aapep The Kobra King Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Ghost Ship (Part 48) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Khulan`s Nightmare (Part 49) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Holy Wood (Part 50) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Miasma Marshes (Part 51) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Entering Nevermore (Part 52) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Shadar The Dark Djinn (Part 53) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Story Of Lucien (Part 54) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Ash Cloud (Part 55) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Undead King Tom (Part 56) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Queen Lowlah (Part 57) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Porco Loco (Part 58) Watch
Ni No Kuni - Castle In The Sky (Part 59) Watch
Ni No Kuni - The Ivory Tower (Part 60) Watch
Ni No Kuni The Wrath Of The White Witch FINALE Watch


  • The game is adventurous, similar to another game Martyn has done a LP on, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.
  • The usual way that Martyn names his familiars (pets which battle for you) is that the name ends with a 'Y'. His current familiars in which he uses are Strippy, Lalnah A.K.A Kangy, Sappy, Purrcy, Timby, Bumbely, Monny, GoGo and Gunther. The reason Gunther and GoGo do not end in 'Y' is because they were Esther and Swain's original familiars, in which they were automatically named. Martyn regrets though, naming his familiar Lalnah.
  • Ni No Kuni is literally translated to "Second Country".
  • The game was originally going to be called "Ni No Kuni: the Another World", however, it was later changed to the DS version being called "Ni No Kuni: Dominion of the Dark Djinn" and the PS3 version being called "Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch".
  • The DS version of the game was never released outside of Japan due to translation problems.
  • The game's Familars taming system can be compared to be similar to Pokémon's catching system as both games have you catch and tame your enemies to make them your allies.


  1. See Kim's Top 5 Games
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