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Nilesy's Best and Greatest #1 Importer and Exporter of Really Good Pools and Pool Accessories, or simply Nilesy's Best And Greatest, is the name of his company in Tekkit, which constructs pools. Currently, the base of operations is at Lombucket Industries. He sells high-quality portable pools, for 10 diamonds and/or friendship. He may have a partner in business soon, which was determined to be Hannah. Nilesy sells pools, pool accessories and has a deal on at his shop on 1 Portable Pool.


A company founded by Nilesy for the sole reason of making pools. The company was started when Nilesy was not hired as the pool boy at SipsCo., where he was crushed to death during an interview to hire a pool boy to run their corporate pool. His first customers, Daltos and Zylus, are still trying to figure out whose pool it is.

Nilesy's second job was to make Rythian and Zoey a pool for Blackrock Stronghold.

Nilesy soon decides to look for rubber to start out and stumbles upon MintyMinute's The Captive Creeper and Nilesy's secret grotto. Afterwards, he ends up near Duncan's Castle and decides to return to his pool shack when he finds rubber trees on the runway.

Nilesy made another pool shack on the Owl Island runway. In addition to this, he started to set up a new base of operations near Owl Island. In recent episodes, he has started making and pumping water out from a glass tunnel that will serve as a rail system to transport him from his base to his work.


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  • Nilesy's Pool Shop #1 (At Jungle)
  • Nilesy's Pool Shop #2 (At Lombucket Industries Runway)
  • Nilesy's Grotto
  • Best Pool House
  • Sheep Island



  • Despite claiming that he is the best pool maker in the world, he has only ever made one successful pool, that being the one at Blackrock.
  • Nilesy mentions he doesn't wish to go back to Newpool.
  • Whilst Nilesy often tells his customers about the "high-quality water" of his pools, he confesses to Hannah that this is all just a con, and in fact any old water will do. He claims to have filled the pool at Blackrock Stronghold with sewage water.
  • He mentioned to Hannah that he had found a mushroom near his old pool shack and Hannah said back that she has also found one in her quarry. It is thought that they are mushroom scouts for B.A.R.R.Y.
  • SipsCo. is looking for Nilesy so they can destroy his company.
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