Nosgoth is a free-to-play action-adventure game created by Psyonix and published by Square Enix. The game released exclusively on PC in January 21, 2015 for Microsoft Windows.


  • A five-part series on the game's closed beta was released on the main channel in late July 2014 with Lewis, Ross, Kim, Turps, Tom Clark, Trott, Martyn and Duncan participating.
  • In early August of the same year, Kim Livestreamed the game on the main Yogscast Twitch channel as well as her own Twitch channel along with Rythian, Sips, Sjin, Nilesy and Hannah as well as Simon who joined in halfway through the stream.
  • In early November of the same year, Nosgoth returned to the main channel with Duncan, Lewis, Simon, Martyn, Rythian, Sips, Trott, Ross, Alsmiffy and Strippin participating. Sips uploaded his teams perspective onto his channel.

Episode Guide Edit

Sips — Nosgoth
Video Name Table yt
Nosgoth #1 - Tiny Tim Watch
Nosgoth #2 - Team Veet! Watch
Lewis and Simon — Nosgoth
Video Name Table yt
Nosgoth #1 - 4vs4 Competitive Multiplayer Watch
Nosgoth #2 - Tentacle Fun Watch
Nosgoth #3 - Come Fly With Trott Watch
Nosgoth #4 - Dead South Watch
Nosgoth #5 - Bite One, Get One Free Watch
Nosgoth #1 - Creepy Crossbows Watch
Nosgoth #2 - Tag Team Tyrants! Watch
Kim — Nosgoth
Video Name Table yt
Nosgoth Livestream Highlights! #1 The Yogscast Guarantee! Watch
Nosgoth Livestream Highlights! #2 Rythian Goes Rogue Watch
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