"Nova is a happy-go-lucky scholar who dreams of travelling into space. She travels with Tiangong; a mysterious sword that gives her the powers of a Hexblade Warlock. Fiercely intelligent, but not very world wise![1]"

Nova V'Ger (pronounced 'vi: \jur\) is Kim Richards' character in the High Rollers D&D for the Aerois campaign. She is an air genasi hexblade warlock.

Nova goes on an adventure together with Aila, Lucius, Qillek and Sentry in the world of Aerois.


Race Class & Level Alignment
Air Genasi Warlock, Level 10
The Hexblade
Background Patron Armour Class Hitpoints
- Tiangong 17 79
Ability Scores
7 16 16 15 8 20
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Note 1: Hitpoints correct as of Episode 17.[2]
Note 2: Ability Scores correct as of Episode 17.[2]

Note 3: Level, HItpoints and AC updated as of Episode 41

Note 4: Level, Hitpoints, AC and ability scores correct as of episode 55[3]


Nova is an air genasi with blue skin and star-shaped white freckles. Her hair is semi-translucent and light blue. It acts like, and has a texture similar to, a cloud. When exposed to humid and hot temperatures, her hair nearly disappears, becoming “almost like a crew cut.”[4] Her eyes are a similar shade of light blue to her hair.

Her clothes are scholarly, with many pouches for scrolls and books. They have a deep blue color scheme with gold and black highlights.

In Episode 50, Nova sacrificed a portion of her life to maintain power on Aegis IV. As a result, her arm rapidly decomposed; however, the necrosis did not spread any further than her elbow. Though she can still use her arm as normal, it is entirely skeletal. She often tries to conceal the skeletal arm with gloves or a gauntlet.


Nova is an enthusiastic, bubbly and friendly. She would only fight to defend herself. She is a home girl and have strong ties with her family. She is studious and is passionate of the stars. Her dream is to explore space, largely driven by the Vartonsar[spelling?].[5]


The genasi city of Vartonsar[spelling?] was originally not from Aerois but from another planet. Ages ago, an elven Aerois city was experimenting on planar magic despite such experiment was forbidden. The experiment goes wrong, causing the entire city to vanish. Like a swap, Vartonsar[spelling?] instead took its space and the genasi are first introduced to Aerois. Being an alien race, the event caused initial strife and contention with the indigenous races of Aerois as the genasi are conflicted, now that they are stuck on Aerois and are unable to leave.[6]

Over many years, the genasi eventually integrate with the local races. However, the younger generation, whom have never experienced the conflict and never seen their original home planet, have begun to question why the elders have stopped researching on planar magic to bring them back home; Nova, driven by curiosity, one of those people.[5]



Abilities and PowersEdit

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Main article: High Rollers D&D/Homebrew#Tiangong

Nova carries a distinctive blue and black sword named Tiangong. Besides being a weapon, it also serves as a arcane focus for some of her spellcasting. It's exact nature and origin was originally unknown, even by Nova, but she discovered it during an archaeological exploration in a crashed skiff that had belonged to the Court of Shadows. Her descriptions suggested it may have some kind of sentience or spirit inhabiting it, as it can "speak" to her through images and feelings, including in dreams, which is how she learned it's name. Nova's bond with the sword is very deep in that she speaks of it as though it were a living being, and she can vaguely sense it's location when not in her possession.

Later developments revealed that Tiangong is actually the physical form of a being called an Eterna.  Eterna are sentient beings from a distant planet that have mutable forms, often taking the shape of exotic-looking weapons and armour.  They were allegedly tricked by Kalus Starbane into helping him invade Aerois, and were enslaved to power his various ships and war machines.  Tiangong in particular was said to be one of the Eternal Triumvarate (the Eterna's greatest leaders), and was so powerful that he was split into multiple pieces to be used to power multiple ships and weapons. At least one of these pieces is with Kalus Starbane (as revealed in Episode 41). 

Nova can sense fragments of Tiangong within a certain range: this range can vary greatly, as she sensed a fragment north of Goldthrone from Rosehall, but only felt the fragment in the Nighteye when a few days travel from it.



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