Marcella de Bie, under the username Nysira, is a host, live-streamer on Twitch, and a content creator on YouTube. Nysira joined the Yogscast during late 2016 where she made appearances in the Jingle Jam.

She now make variety content, streaming games on her twitch and making car videos on her YouTube channel.

Nysira (at a unkown date) was given the 'Former Member' tag on the yogscast sub-reddit

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Nysira has a degree in Photography and Computer Science[1]
  • Nysira came third place in the "Gamergirl 2013" contest for her skills and knowledge in gaming[1]
  • Nysira has been a presenter at many gaming-related conventions, including EXG and Insomnia58[1]

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