OldHoneydew is a character in Minecraft: Time Paradox - YogLabs (MoCap Mod). He was first shown by Simon in Bloggydew.

Physical AppearanceEdit

OldHoneydew looks a lot like Honeydew, appearing as just an older version. After their meeting, Simon remarks that he noticed "he was missing an eye and was a little scared." Simon then remarked, "let's face it, that stuff is bound to happen to me at some point".


He appears to be Honeydew in the future after Simon throws coffee in a time machine due to misinterpreting a sign stating "No Metallics, No Weapons, No Drinks". This unfortunate accident caused multiple versions of Xephos and Honeydew to appear around YogLabs fulfilling past and future actions of the two.

As Xephos and Honeydew wandered around YogLabs they stumbled upon their future selves who were the first versions of themselves that could see them. OldHonydew starts off the meeting by commenting on his younger self's physical appearance. During their meet-up, they informed Xephos and Honeydew that due to some tampering they did with the Chronometric Displacement generator the Global Cloning Infrastructure had become unstuck and they could not fix it as they were too far removed from the timeline. Fortunately Xephos and Honeydew returned to the present by reverting to the original timeline.


  • OldHoneydew's original Minecraft account name was "jabash"
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