Oliver Hindle, under the username Superpowerless and Oliver Age 24, (born 17 November 1988), is a YouTuber and English singer/songwriter who designed the remix for the song 'Screw The Nether'.


Oliver gained attention from 2006 onwards, as he achieved some success with his songwriting, creating original music and remixes. In 2010, he formed his own band, known as Tetrastar. He also released his own single called "The IT Crowd" which featured artists such as Sparkles*, MC Wreckshin, B-TYPE, and Happi.

Oliver's band released its first piece of music in May 2011. Following that was another released in November. They are still songwriting and actively performing.

Oliver has another channel called "Oliver Age 24" where he posts videos called "How To Draw Really Good", which are parodies of professional drawing tutorials. He has uploaded various music videos and other miscellaneous videos to that same channel. This is his most popular channel.


  • He mainly posts music videos on his Superpowerless channel. 
  • Oliver currently has more than 150,000 subscribers on his Oliver Age 24 channel.
  • Oliver resides in Leeds, England. 
  • Oliver has posted a few videos on Area 11MartynStrippinPanda, and BebopVox's channels.
  • He is Sparkles*' cousin.
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