Origins was an upcoming cinematic series by Hat Films in Minecraft that was cancelled as it exceeded the group organisation required for production. It was expected to be a fully scripted series with the foundation of their previous Minecraft series', Forsaken Lands and Skylands, but involved the Hat Films community through voice actor[1], artist and builder[2] positions.

The trailer was released on February 9, 2012, and soon later an Origins - What to Expect video was released where the three explain what Origins is and what it would involve. Auditions for voice actors, and artists and builders, were opened in July 3 and 10, 2012 respectively. An official announcement that Origins had been cancelled was provided on January 20, 2015 in Hat Chat Episode 34 - The Stool Scale.

Chris Trott read sections of the Origins script, written by Ross Hornby in a livestream in mid November 2016.[3]

Plot SummaryEdit

The Origins Trailer, Hatventures - A Beginning, bridges their concluding Skylands adventure as they jump and rise up from a lake near the Lifted Lakes Dungeon. The three discover a large sinister castle, rain pouring, and find a lever. After flicking the 'Obvious Plot Device ~M~', the castle falls and breaks apart, soaring to form the Origins logo.


Because of the ambitious nature of the project, the sheer volume of work and dedication, as well as obligations to support Mojang and create ongoing videos, work on the series was discontinued. While auditions and Minecraft builds were assessed and scripts were created, no evidence apart from the teaser shows that an episode exists.

Episode GuideEdit

Hat Films — Origins
Video Name Table yt
Hatventures - A Beginning Watch
Origins - What to Expect Watch


  • Markiplier auditioned to voice for Origins, but lost the clips after computer failure. The audition can still be accessed on soundcloud under the title "Markiplier HATventures Origins Auditions."


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