Panda Labs was Duncan and Kim's operations base on Flux Buddies. Built between episodes by Duncan, the structure resembles a panda with teeth, ears, eyes and smoky ears.

Layout and DesignEdit

Duncan designed Panda Labs to, in his own words, have a dystopian and slightly oriental theme, while Kim described it as looking more like an angry Red Panda, hence the name. The exterior of the building makes use of slopes from the Carpenter's mod, and iron spikes add to its intimidating appearance. On top of the building are two chimneys, each containing a Railcraft Smoker block that emits smoke particles.

The interior, though small, featured a spiral staircase to an upper bedroom. Later the pair swap out the spiral staircase in favour of a more space-saving design, and also add elevators down to two lower basement levels, the uppermost of which connects via a secret door to the missile launch pad.

To the rear of the building is a garden area that Duncan built for Kim. This includes a hut covered in moss in which Kim stores her witchery items. There is a ring of trees from the Twilight Forest and a stone pillar circle built of maze bricks. This area is also home to the pair's collection of animals.

Destruction of BuildingEdit

Hat Films fired a rail gun at the front entrance of the building, after several attempts at sending nuclear missiles at the base. Soon after, the base was turned into a hill by rejuvenation missiles.

It has reappeared in their new series Flux Baddies

Panda Labs Ruins

The ruins of Panda Labs

New Panda Labs Edit

In the last episode of Nano's village, Duncan and Kim rebuilt the Panda Labs in Kim's village.

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