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Peter Mann, also known as Pedguin, is an English YouTuber and member of the Yogscast, who primarily plays Terraria, and other sandbox like games. He is a regular on the official Yogscast Twitch, playing Colony Survival with Lewis, Leo, and Ravs. He is also a common guest on the official Youtube channel, playing GTA 5 and TTT with the rest of the crew. True to his name, he can often be found wearing a penguin suit during special events.

In December 2018, whilst live on the Jingle Jam, Lewis announced that Peter and his wife Ada were expecting a baby, in the mistaken belief that it was already public knowledge. Ada gave birth to their daughter, Evelyn, on April 16th 2019.


  • Pedguin runs his own Terraria server.
  • Pedguin has a wife named Ada.
  • Pedguin is a father and has spawned one living human.
  • Pedguin's fans are sometimes dubbed the "Goblins".
  • Pedguin was the winner of the 2019 Yogscast Poker Tournament during the Christmas Livestreams.
  • Pedguin's skin in Garry's Mod is a communist version of Pingu.
  • Pedguin's mum has a Twitch prime account (Mummyguin) and sometimes watches his streams and participates in chat, leading to embarrassing situations for Ped.[1]
  • Barrels are for Ped!

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "It wasn't me!"




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