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Peter Mann, also known as Pedguin, is an English YouTuber and member of the Yogscast, who primarily plays Terraria, and other sandbox like games. He is a regular on the official Yogscast Twitch, playing Colony Survival with Lewis, Leo, and Ravs, and more recently has started Parsec Pals with Bobawitch on the main Yogscast Twitch Channel. He is also a common guest on the official Youtube channel, playing GTA 5 and TTT with the rest of the crew. True to his name, he can often be found wearing a penguin suit during special events.

In December 2018, whilst live on the Jingle Jam, Lewis announced that Peter and his wife Ada were expecting a baby, in the mistaken belief that it was already public knowledge. Ada gave birth to their daughter, Evelyn, on April 16th 2019.


  • Pedguin is "technically a dad" and has spawned one living human.
  • Pedguin's fans are sometimes dubbed the "Goblins" (formerly the "Ped-O's").
  • Pedguin was the winner of the 2019 Yogscast Poker Tournament during the Christmas Livestreams.
  • Pedguin's skin in Garry's Mod is a very buff version of Winnie the Pooh
  • Pedguin's mum has a Twitch prime account (Mummyguin) and sometimes watches his streams and participates in chat, leading to embarrassing situations for Ped.[2]
  • Barrels for Ped!
  • Pedguin's YouTube channel has almost 400K subscribers and +125M views.
  • Pedguin is the "straight man" of the Minecraft series 'Sky Bees' as the only confirmed straight member in the series with "living proof" of his straightness.

Notable Quotes[]

  • "''Elp, 'elp!"
  • "It wasn't me!"
  • "It's an antalion!"
  • "Check the bodeh."
  • "Any xy in the chat?"
  • "He fell over!"
  • "I'm cringing!"
  • "Answers on a postcard"
  • "Sussy Baka"