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Pig Isand, also known as The Magical Island Of Pig, is a small, floating island located near The YogCave, inhabited by a trio of pigs. 


Pig Island is a small, grassy, floating island no more than a dozen blocks above the ground. It is slightly separated from a hill by only around two or three blocks, but floating nonetheless. The island is situated fairly close to The YogCave, and one could travel between the two locations well within a day's length of time.

Apart from its inhabitants of several pigs, Pig Island also contains a single oak tree and several dandelions. As it is located in a snowy biome, several layers of snow cover the area.

It should be noted that, after Honeydew connected Pig Island to the hill beside it, it is technically no longer an island, but an extension of the said hill.


After encounters with hostile mobs while defending Simon's Shack, both Xephos and Honeydew were reduced to only several hearts, and agreed that replenishing their healthbar was a priority. The duo departed their newly settled YogCave in Minecraft - Part 4: The first quest! Pork and Glass in search for pigs to slaughter for their pork.[1]

They soon stumbled across the island in the next episode after a brief journey, and noticed two pigs on the island and one on the hill beside it.[2] The heroes quickly hunted the animals down and obtained several porkchops, with Honeydew connecting the island to the hill in order to reach the last pig.[3] Xephos labelled it as "Pig Island," while Honeydew added to the island's name by describing it as a "beautiful, magical place."[4] Having acquired sufficient food, they both returned to the YogCave to cook the porkchops and restore their health.[5]



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