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Pig Island 2.0 is a small island built on the Moon by Simon during the Minecraft series MoonQuest. In stark contrast to the original Pig Island, which was a sanctuary for pigs, Pig Island 2.0 was built for the purpose of killing pigs. This was done so Simon could obtain enough pork to build Hambase, his residence on the Moon constructed entirely of pork and flesh.

Construction and DesignEdit

Pig Island 2.0 is comprised of a 9x9 circle of dirt surrounded by a water moat and an electric fence. A soul cage spawner in the centre spawns pigs. Since there is no oxygen on the Moon, the pigs slowly suffocate to death. Four hoppers buried in the ground are supposed to catch the pork dropped from slaughtered pigs, however the lack of gravity on the Moon causes the pork to float up and land outside of the fence instead.


During construction, Lewis initially mistakes the dirt-patch for a crashed meteor. He also describes it as looking like a cow pat. On seeing the completed build Lewis tells Simon it looks like a graveyard, to which Simon responds "That's probably what it's going to be!"


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