PlayStation Access is a company that covers all things PlayStation, and are members of the Yogscast. PlayStation Access consists of Nathan Ditum, Rob Pearson, Dave Jackson, and Hollie Bennett, but only Nathan, Rob, and Dave are Yogscast members. The company joined the Yogscast on November 4, 2013, with Turps announcing the arrival of Nathan, Rob and Dave by saying, "We are really excited to welcome Nathan, Rob and Dave to the Yogscast team. Their skills, personalities and the videos they make are the perfect fit for the Yogscast family." Since joining the Yogscast in 2013, the channel has grown from 150,000 subscribers to 1.4 million as of March 2017.[1]

On March 17, 2017, it was announced that PlayStation Access is leaving the Yogscast Network on good terms to form a new video-focused creative agency, We Are Reach. Whilst PlayStation Access will continue to be the team's main focus, the move will allow the new agency to broaden its portfolio.[1]





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