Pokémon Trading Card Game, abbreviated as Pokémon TCG, is a Pokémon collectible card game. It was first published in Japan on October 1996, and later worldwide on December 1998.


Both Hat Films and Kim have content related to the Pokémon TCG. One of Hat Films' video is a Pokémon TCG Booster Pack opening parody to the FIFA 15 Card Pack opening reactions, although they were beaten by PewDiePie by a day.[1] Kim, together with Duncan, has a similar video but with calmer reactions. Martyn also recorded unboxing videos of Pokémon TCG Booster Packs on their respective secondary channel.

To celebrate Trott's birthday, Alex and Ross conducted a quiz and had two Pokémon Card Packs as gifts. The twist is that for every question Trott gets wrong, a card from the pack will be shredded. Other pack opening videos and unboxing videos also feature Pokémon cards, with certain consistency to their reactions to "shiny" cards and the common card Bidoof.

Kim hosted a series of Pokémon TCG battles where she invites guests to battle with her. The series also includes some backstory before and after each battle. Kim challenged Martyn to battle after he disrespected her Gengar. After the end of the battle, Mark joins Team Rocket and steals 2 of Kim's Pokémon cards, Gengar-EX and M Gengar-EX. In an attempt to get her cards back, she approaches Dark Master Duncan for help. She later approaches Pokémon Nerd Trott for help, but he refuses to battle with her. He is only reluctant to help Kim when she tells him that his crush, Mindy from Team Rocket, may be present. Kim feels that she is ready and challenges both Mindy and Mark to a battle each. In the end, after defeating both of them, Kim takes back her Gengar-EX and M Gengar-EX Pokémon cards.

Results (Kim's Pokemon TCG series)Edit

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No. Match Results
Player 1 Player 2
1 Kim Martyn Kim wins
2 Kim Duncan Duncan wins
3 Kim Trott Kim wins
4 Kim Mindy (Match 1) Kim wins
5 Kim Mindy (Match 2) Kim wins
6 Kim Mark Kim wins

Episode GuideEdit

Hat Films — Pokémon Trading Card Game
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Kim — Pokémon Trading Card Game
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Pokémon TCG BREAKthrough - A Very British Unboxing! Watch
Pokémon TCG: The Adventure Begins! Watch
Pokémon TCG: Taking A Beating Watch
Pokémon TCG: The Final Battle! Watch
Pokémon TCG: Dark Duncan! Watch
Pokémon TCG: Poké Face Watch
Pokémon TCG: Turning The Tables Watch
Pokémon TCG: Water Nerd Trott Watch
Pokémon TCG: Learning Lessons Watch
Pokémon TCG: Having Fun? Watch
Pokémon TCG: Mindy - Team Rocket Beauty Watch
Pokémon TCG: Salty Mindy Watch
Pokémon TCG: Mark's Magikarp Watch
Pokémon TCG: The Final Battle Watch
Pokémon TCG: The Blooper Reel! Watch
Pokémon TCG Unboxing! Fates Collide Boosters! Watch
Pokémon TCG! New Cards, New Table! Watch
Pokémon TCG! So many Alakazams! Watch
Pokémon TCG! Bat Attack! Watch
InTheLittleWoods — Pokémon Trading Card Game
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Unboxing Pokemon BreakPoint Booster Box - Part 1 of 4 Watch
Unboxing 5 Mythical Mew Boxes (10 Generation Boosters) Watch
Unboxing Pokemon BreakPoint Booster Box - Part 2 of 4 Watch
Unboxing Pokemon BreakPoint Booster Box - Part 3 of 4 Watch
Unboxing Pokemon BreakPoint Booster Box - Part 4 of 4 Watch
Unboxing 3 Celebi Mythical Boxes (Pokemon TCG) Watch
Unboxing Darkrai Mythical Collection (AND JIRACHI!) Watch


  • Mark also dressed up as Team Rocket's Mindy.[2] Kim originally did not want him to shave as she thought it would be funny.[3]
  • Mark kept on attempting to sneakily take back the Professor's Letter card from his discard pile whenever Kim is distracted. However, Kim managed to catch his actions multiple times.[4][5]
Playing Pokemon TCG on new table

Duncan and Kim playing Pokémon TCG on a new Yogscast gaming table

  • Kim revealed that she helped to create two decks for each of Mark's on-screen personas. Mindy's deck was supposed to be superior and Mark's deck was supposed to be a joke. This is also why Mark's deck had more than 4 Magikarp.[6] However, Mindy got trashed badly twice while Mark had a better result than Mindy.[7]
  • A Denis Table, manufactured by Geeknson, is provided to Yogscast on indefinite loan.[8] Yogscast's first recorded usage of the new table is Duncan and Kim playing Pokémon TCG on it.[9]



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