Poppycocks is a longtime friend of the Resonant Rise project. He's been playing since RR was called "AdvancingCraft" and it used RedPower2 on a modified Direwolf20 pack. These days he assists mod devs with textures, while being very modest.


  • He most recently appeared on Hole Diggers Episode 22 where he left and re-joined back onto the server.
  • He appeared in chat on Modded Madness #35 saying "is anyone using the all-white enderchest?"
  • He has appeared a few times logging on and off in Brent's series, Myst Quest.


  • He gave Brent a scythe from Tinkers Construct.
  • Lewis tapped him for some improvements to the Sphax Texture Pack for the Yogscast Complete server. Mainly sphax-y and higher-rez versions of the factory blocks.
  • He's on the server to be able to see how his textures affect the builds and also to hurt the TPS.
  • His Twitter can be found here.


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