Chrissa has been streaming full-time since April 2015, becoming a partnered streamer in early 2016. She streams 5 nights week playing everything from indies to AAA titles, focusing heavily on story-driven action/adventure games, or anything with gore and spoops. You may also see the occasional LEGO creative stream. When joining a Chrissa stream expect silly voices, onesies, cosplay's and lots of tea.

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Twitch Videos

THIS MAY OR MAY NOT GO TERRIBLY | @heychrissa !subgoal !freesub !humble
Aug 08, 2017
!spoopme WHAT IS THIS FRESH HELL | @heychrissa !subgoal !freesub !humble
Aug 07, 2017
[Modded Normal] DADDO GERALT IS BEST DADDO | @heychrissa !subgoal !freesub !humble
Aug 05, 2017
DADDO GERALT IS BEST DADDO | @heychrissa !subgoal !freesub !humble
Aug 02, 2017
I AM A POTATO AT THIS GAME | @heychrissa !subgoal !freesub !humble
Aug 01, 2017
DADDY GERALT | @heychrissa !subgoal !freesub !humble
Jul 29, 2017

YouTube Videos

FISH ARE FRIENDS - ABZÛ Playthrough [Twitch VOD]
Aug 10, 2016
SWEAR TO ME! - Telltale`s Batman Episode 1 FULL Playthrough
Aug 03, 2016
SO MANY DEATHS - Inside [Twitch Highlights]
Jul 08, 2016
RUN YOU BEAUTY - Resident Evil 7 Biohazard / PS4 Demo
Jun 15, 2016
Quantum Break / Twitch Livestream 8PM BST!
Apr 01, 2016
Blues and Bullets Episode 1 Walkthrough #1
Mar 24, 2016