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Professor Bixby is the resident archaeologist and scientist at YogLabs, working deep below YogLabs in Deep Search III, a highly top-secret branch of YogLabs. His work deals with an ancient pyramid in Deep Search III.


Bixby is an old friend of Lewis. He had sent Lewis and Simon to retrieve the final piece of the Stargate hidden in the storage levels of YogLabs. He had lost it after eating the same 'Red Sweets' Simon had eaten in Minecraft Mods - Bad Trip - YogLabs.

After being found by Simon and Lewis in the dig site, he proceeded to direct them to the Stargate, where they punched in the code 'RSSUMBA' in order to be transported to another world.

In Minecraft Mods - Girlfriend Island - YogLabs SG-1, Bixby is seen on 'vacation' on girlfriend island, having fun with the girls that call the island home, before being ambushed by attack squids and Basilisks. Nevertheless, he rescues 3 girls and brings them back to his office.



  • Bixby has a voice very similar to that of Professor Grizwold.
  • He, along with Simon, accidently ate Voskoboynikov's red sweets, and is still in a recovery stage; saying that he still doesn't feel right.
  • His name may be a reference to a Professor Bixby supervillain who was a Mayan cultural expert who created a cult using his knowledge; or it is simply an odd coincidence.


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