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A sickly Webley after being released by Honeydew.

Professor Webley Grizwold is a character in the Shadow of Israphel series. He seems to be member of the Lastwatch Hold expedition to The Hand, and is also the grandson of the great adventurer Professor Grizwold, who's real name is actually Horatio Grizwold. He first appeared in "Shadow of Israphel" Part 40: Facility 4, where he was trapped in a cloning vat in Facility 4. When he was discovered by Honeydew and Xephos, he was very sickly and ill due of the cloning process and because he hadn't eaten in months. The two other cloning vats were empty, it's implied that both subjects died during the process, as the status screen on the vat to the right of Webley's said "Status: Exploded", along with a large smear of blood on the floor nearby. Due to his ill state, Honeydew resorted to pushing him around on a minecart, acting like a wheelchair, along the way the trio are assaulted by mobs and have to reconstruct the broken track rails.

Whilst on the rails Webley is hit by an explosion from a creeper, this breaks his leg and renders him unable to walk.It is revealed that Webley had heard of the heroes when he said "The lackeys of the pale-faced man described the two annoyances, a dwarf and a man."'.

Character Popularity[]

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Season 3 characters to choose from, Professor Webley was placed equal 28th overall with 3 votes out of 4412 votes.


  • "HI THERE! IM PRO-FE-SSOR WEB-LEY GRIS-WOLD!!" Professor Webley's first spoken line in the series.


  • It is implied that he is a member of the Templar Order by the typical Templar Cross on his back (seen at many locations, including Knight Peculier's makeshift checkpoint, Verigan's Hold and Lastwatch Hold).
  • Webley also appears to have a minor case of amnesia; this is discovered when he says "I can hardly remember how I got here." to our heroes.
  • Webley's voice greatly resembles that of his grandfather's.
  • He appears to look up to his grandfather a lot.
  • Many Yognau(gh)ts believe he is a traitor and a Cult of Israphel member to spy on Xephos and Honeydew, but this is yet to be proven.