ReCore is an action-adventure platform video game developed by Comcept and Armature Studio and published by Microsoft Studios for Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. The game will be released worldwide in September 2016.

One of the first volunteers for the utopian Far Eden colony, Joule Adams, awakes after centuries in cryo-sleep to find that nothing has gone according to plan. With her trusty corebot companions, Joule starts her adventure on Far Eden to save mankind from a terrible fate. The semi-open world environment of Far Eden is subject to exploration and the collection of resources. Joule's weapons are colour-coded to inflict damage on a particular set of enemies and, like her companions, can also be enhanced. The corebots support her in battle and puzzle solving.[1]


  • Hannah has currently completed a total of 3 episodes on her channel. Due to its lack of popularity, she has decided to only continue the playthrough on livestreams, if there is a demand to do so.

Episode GuideEdit

Hannah — ReCore
Video Name Table yt
ReCore Gameplay #1 - Mack the Dog! Watch
ReCore Gameplay #2 - Upgrading Robots! Watch
ReCore Gameplay #3 - Final Thoughts! Watch