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Rexina the T-Rex after escaping Duncan's containment facility.

Rexina, a stubborn, teenage T-Rex, was the first tyrannosaurus rex in the series Duncan's Dinosaurs. She first appeared in episode 2 after being placed in a nursery pen. At this time, she had no name. She was eventually named 'Mrs Rex', and finally 'Rexina' before escaping her paddock and running off. The name of the episode she first appeared in is named after her.


Rexina was one of the dinosaurs cloned by Duncan in his series. Her egg was placed into a holding pen where she hatched soon afterwards.


The Ballad of RexinaEdit

When Duncan opened her gate to move her to her permanent enclosure from her nursery pen, she refused to move. Duncan decided she was female and named her Rexina. Unfortunately, she somehow managed to jump over the fence and escaped into Minecraftia. After many failed attempts to trap her, Duncan ultimately gives up and lets her, unwillingly, roam freely outside the park gates to die.

A Tragic EndingEdit

Duncan later receives an alert from the mayor of a Testificate village where Rexina is on the rampage. He grabs up several guns and goes after her. She destroys most of the village and the inhabitants before Duncan wounds her with gunfire.


Duncan tries to calm her down, but she refuses to do so. She bites him and Duncan is forced to kill her.


The Testificate village remains totally destroyed and with most of the inhabitants dead. It is unknown whether the mayor survived.


  • Rexina and the Velociraptor called The Big One were the only carnivorous dinosaurs Duncan allowed to roam free
  • Rexina has caused the most death and destruction in the series out of all the dinosaurs Duncan cloned
  • The fact that she could break blocks makes it possible that Duncan's other T-Rex could escape
  • Rexina and The Big One are the only dinosaurs in the series that have names (aside from Teep, who only made a brief cameo and technically isn't a dinosaur)
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