"Shup guysh, Zylush here."

Rick van Laanen, under the username Zylus, is a Content Producer for the Yogscast. He officially joined the Yogscast in 2013. On May 3 2020 he and Mousie announced their relationship together on her youtube channel.[2]

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Zylus is the resident Dutchman in the Yogscast, best known for his iconic "Shup Guysh". After knowing the Yogscast for years he finally ended up creating a channel in late 2013.


  • Zylus lives in Baarn, in the province of Utrecht, Netherlands, and went to university there
  • Zylus smokes cigarettes
  • Zylus is allergic to horses and bananas
  • Zylus has a World of Warcraft DPS world record on Blood Prince Council
  • Zylus' favourite video games are Dota 2 and The Elder Scrolls series
  • Although Lewis mentioned during Jingle Jam 2017 that Zylus is bisexual, Mousie later said in their Big News and Chill stream that "the only bisexual in this relationship is me"
  • Zylus is 179cm tall and is 5ft10
  • Zylus was offered the chance by Lewis to make a Yogscast YouTube channel before, but turned it down due to his age; he later accepted in July 2013
  • Zylus was the guest on episode 174 of The Shaft
  • Zylus has got quite a good voice - during the Jingle Jam Karaoke Stream on 18th December 2015, people started calling him "Michael Zuble" in the chat and donations
  • Zylus has played in professional Hearthstone tournaments and actually beat Hearthstone pro player Trump before, which he reminds everyone he faces whenever he plays the game (especially Hannah during her Hearthstone Streams where she plays against him)
  • He also played TotalBiscuit in the final of the "Lord of the Arena" tournament where he lost to him
  • Both of Zylus' parents teach Latin, Greek and ancient mythology
  • He appears to have a distinct rivalry against Lewis, which is seen in a lot of Trouble in Terrorist Town videos. This is most likely due to Lewis often picking on Zylus during the game, accusing him of being a traitor or just killing him as RDM
  • Zylus has a self-proclaimed "100% win-rate" as the Detective class in Trouble in Terrorist Town and aggressively denies any accusations that these claims are false, going so far as to announce any game where the Traitors win while he is Detective as "non-canon". This also extends to such instances where everyone in the game will deliberately let the Traitors win while he is Detective in order to ruin his win-rate, mostly because of his overly aggressive methods that usually involve killing everyone and forcing them to get down on their knees before him in a submissive, non-sexual manner . . . at least, we hope.
  • Zylus has said he would do lingerie modelling.[3] He did also mean this seriously.[4]
  • The 19th of June is International Zylus Day.[5]

Zylush' Notable QuotesEdit

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  • "Jesus, fuck!"
  • "Oh god."
  • "Shup guysh, Zylush here!"
  • "Z is for Zylus!"
  • ''Turps! You mother f*cker!''
  • "Don't worry, I'll come back for payback."
  • "LEWIS!"
  • ”AGGHHHH!!!”
  • "BRINDLES!!!"
  • "It's Not Kormit!"




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