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Russia is a playable civilization in Civilization V.

Season 6Edit

Russia was picked as the civilization for Zoey during her civilization game against the others.

Zoey spawned north of the Mayan civilization, which belonged to Hannah. Zoey proceeded to build a city above Hannah's first city to block her in.

When the Mayans founded the city of Risa near horses, Zoey declared them Russian property, and proceeded to take the city. Quickly defeating the city, Zoey went on to attempt the conquest of the Mayan capital, thereby knocking Hannah out of the game. When Hannah's Mayan pikemen managed to hold off against the Russian horsemen, Zoey's war campaign resulted in a standoff along the Russian/Mayan border.

Among the other players, Zoey stood out the most because her civilization was the only one that hadn't researched writing; and as a result, at episode 15 her literacy was still at zero. She defended this by saying that her people didn't need to learn how to read if she was going to "Deathstab" everything.

Zoey and Hannah's war eventually died down, and the two made a peace treaty. Zoey's science began to slowly increase, allowing her to start to catch up on science, although it is believed by many that she will never be able to catch up. In spite of this, Zoey began focusing her energy on claiming city states and using them to expand her empire.

After Parv was knocked out of the game, Zoey became the only remaining person in the game to be allied with Lewis.

Season 8Edit

Russia was picked as the civilization for Alsmiffy during his civilization game against the others.

Alsmiffy spawned on one of the many big islands and settled near the coast with two gold and an ivory next to him.



  • Killmaim (Capital, formerly Moscow)
  • Deathstab (formerly Moscow)
  • Painhurt (taken from the Mayans, later recaptured by the Mayans, formerly Risa)
  • Suffersting (taken from the city state of Kyzyl)
  • Soreache (taken by the city state of Vilinius, reclaimed by Russia)
  • Vilinius (former city state, taken by Russia)


  • Smirnoffia (former Capital, formerly Moscow, captured by Japan, but quickly recaptured, but later captured by Japan again)
  • Finlandia (former Russian city, Captured by Japan and razed)
  • Greygoosia (former Russian city, Captured by Japan and razed)
  • Prawn Tempura (former Japanese City, taken by Indonisia, given to Russia, retaken by Japan)
  • Petrol (formerly Moscow, taken by Japan and razed)
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