Safety Trott Song is a song written, sung and produced by Hat Films which was released on December 4th, 2015. The song was written and recorded live during Hat Films' musical stream on the 4th of December for the 2015 Jingle Jam.

Safety Trott Song was released in the album Population: You, along with 6 other tracks which were also written and recorded during the stream.


S-Safety announcement,
From middle management.

We're here to tell you,

It's enforced.

I don't think we got it on the beat.

It's legally required,
to give you this message. [Smith repeats "Message"]

Sent to us from above, here ya go.

Here you go.

Step 1:
Get your knife out!

Then you need to find your nearest Trout,
It's not safe!

To cut without him,
you gotta cut towards Trott,
and put him in a bin!

Oh look!
An Amazon Box!

Time to open this,
with a small pen knife,
I'm not sure!

If it's a thing I ordered,
I don't remember if I got those things I thought of,
But it's okay!

I'll open anyway,
And I'll think about the best way to aim my blade towards Trott,
It's the only way!

If I'm risking a cut,
It's only for that butt!

Wait, what?

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