Sam Gibbs, AKA S.A.M, (born on December 14, 1991) is the current head Audio Engineer at YogTowers.

Sam joined the Yogscast in 2013, first appearing in that years Christmas Livestreams, alongside Sparkles*, performing tasks such as changing viewpoints, balancing audio levels and generally ensuring the stream ran smoothly. He also appeared during the Dream Team Superstream, where he competed in a Just Dance 2014 dance-off with Strippin (Sam vs. Sam) and played guitar during the four-chords song. On a day-to-day basis Sam manages the Yogscast recording studio, processing audio from recordings across YogTowers. His presence and contributions to the Christmas livestreams have helped Sam build up a small fanbase.

Yogscast Website SummaryEdit

Sam joined the Yogscast in the early part of 2013 as an audio engineer training under Sparkles*. Now the student has become the master and has dedicated his life to deliver the voices of the Yogscast to your ear holes as pleasantly as possible.


  • Sam held a Q&A on Radio Sparkles* on the 16th of July, 2013, to fill out this trivia section.
  • Sam's favourite band is Pink Floyd.
  • Sam also enjoys listening to the bands Rush, Yes, and the Foo Fighters.
  • Sam's favourite fizzy drink is the apple flavor of Tango.
  • Sam enjoys the movies Inception and Hot Fuzz.
  • Sam's favourite colour is blue.
  • Sam's favourite fast food restaurant is Nandos.
  • Sam's favourite chocolate is Terry's Chocolate Orange.
  • Sam's favourite sweets are Haribo Milk Bottles.
  • Sam's favourite flavor of lollipop is strawberry.
  • Sam enjoys vanilla milkshakes.
  • Sam's favourite flavor of ice cream is mint.
  • Sam's favourite type of pizza is meat feast.
  • Sam's favourite book series is A Song of Ice and Fire.
  • Sam enjoys kayaking, surfing and rock climbing.
  • Sam started learning guitar when he was 11 years old.
  • Sam's favourite TV shows are Lost and Game of Thrones.
  • The acronym "S.A.M." stands for "Sentient Audio Machine."
  • Sam graduated from Staffordshire University.
  • Sam is 185 cm tall, as measured during the Jingle Jam 2018 Artists vs Editors stream.
  • Sam's username "03gibbss" came from when he joined Secondary School. 03 being the year he joined, gibbs being his surname and the extra "s" being the first letter of his firstname
  • Sam is in a band named Way Back When with Craig.
  • Sam has a kitten named Kratos.




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