Scott Robertson, under the usernames Scotteh and ScottehBoeh, is a full-time YouTube content creator and Streamer from Scotland, who was first affiliated with The Yogscast in January of 2016 as a thumbnail artist for Yogscast members Sjin and Duncan.


Before YouTubeEdit

Scotteh was born on the 18th of April, 1998, in Dunfermline, Scotland and has lived there since.

Starting YouTubeEdit

Scotteh launched his first and only YouTube channel early 2012 and was inspired by several other YouTubers including the Yogscast. Up until 2015, Scotteh mainly uploaded Server Trailer or Map Cinematics but since has begun several large modded Minecraft series' including "Minecraft - Heroes and Generals", "Minecraft - Namcraft", and "Minecraft - Decimation (Zombie Apocalypse)". The channel sparked its first huge audience when Scotteh began to upload weekly episodes of each series to his channel.

Friends and HelpersEdit

Scotteh is accompanied by his online friends who help him with body-acting and voice-acting in his YouTube series'. There are no set characters to people, but instead, those who are available play the required characters for the specific episode.

Scotteh is most commonly accompanied by his friend Madman, who has previously worked (alongside many other of Scotteh's helpers) as a Staff Member on one of Scotteh's oldest modded Minecraft Servers.

Early Yogscast WorkEdit

Scotteh first started working for the Yogscast in January of 2016, after sending a fan-made logo to Turps based on his YogTours series. After a few days, Scotteh worked part-time with Harry to create various graphics for Sjin and Duncan, including some of their most popular Minecraft series' such as To The Core, Project Ozone, Farming Valley, and Druidz Downtown.

Software and EditingEdit

Video Editing Software: Adobe Premiere Pro CC 2017 (currently used), Vegas Movie Studio (discontinued)

Audio Editing Software: Audacity

3D Rendering Software: Mineimator (for Thumbnail Graphics)

Graphics Designing Software: Adobe Photoshop CS6,

Recording/Streaming Software: OBS Studio


  • Scotteh was born and is still living in Scotland
  • His favourite instrument to play is the piano
  • His favourite colours are orange and green
  • His favourite TV shows include "QI", "Still Game", "M.A.S.H", "Dads Army", "Red Dwarf", "Chewin The Fat", and "The IT Crowd"
  • His favourite actor is Jeff Goldblum
  • His favourite movie is Starship Troopers
  • His favourite band is Muse
  • His favourite musician/composer is John Williams
  • His favourite YouTubers are "Yogscast", "Cow Chop", "Elvis the Alien", "iDubbbz", "Chris Ray Gun", and "Aunty Donna"

Notable QuotesEdit

  • "Oh god."
  • "Now's not the time for cake, madman."
  • "If you enjoy watching me get shot in my videos, don't forget to leave a like! You can subscribe if you want! *whisper* No, seriously! Subscribe if you want!"
  • "Hello everyone and welcome back to a new episode of *insert series name.*




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