"Sentry is a proud Guardian, tasked with protecting the Royal Family of Solwynn. Until a cruel fate violently tore her from her home and the people she loved. Now tasked with discovering and preserving the knowledge of her forgotten world, before her time runs out.[1]"

Sentry is Rhiannon Gower's character in the High Rollers D&D for the Aerois campaign. She is a guardian paladin. A floating orb by the name of Echo accompanies Sentry.

Sentry goes on an adventure together with Aila, Lucius, Nova and Qillek in the world of Aerois.


Race Class & Level Alignment
Guardian Paladin, Level 10
Oath of the Ancients
Background Patron Armour Class Hitpoints
- - 20 104
Ability Scores
18 10 15 8 14 16
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Note 1: Hitpoints, Ability Scores, 'Level, AC, Hitpoints, and Ability Scores updated as of Episode 63


Sentry is a female guardian. Like her construct kind, she is made of stone, metal and wood. She wears a green-over-black outfit and wields a battleaxe and shield.


Sentry has been revealed to have a few smaller missions and goals she wants to accomplish, but ultimately her story is one of trying to understand her world and become more "human". She has a kind and motherly personality.


Each guardian is powered by the Matrix of Will which lasts 15 years before it needs to be recharged via a certain technique. However, following the Sundering and later the Dark War, the technique was lost, resulting in many guardians shutting down or going feral as the Matrix degrades overtime. There are some Matrices, however, that are able to enter a low-powered state to preserve themselves, putting the guardian into a long sleep.

Sometime prior to Episode 1, Sentry regained sentience, though it is unclear how she managed to do so.[2]



Abilities and PowersEdit

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As a Guardian, Sentry has a sentient construct called an Echo, which acts similarly to a familiar. Sentry can issue mental commands to it and even use it to cast spells with a range of touch from its position. Echo was destroyed by the shadow Goliath in Episode 11, and was revived when Sentry learnt the Create Echo spell in episode 19 from Scout and Tracker. After Sentry's resurrection in episode 36, Echo gains the ability to turn itself into a ox-like form and act as a mount: in this form Echo can also communicate telepathically with Sentry.

Notable ItemsEdit

  • Flame Lance - Taken from the forge guardian in Dwalinden and attached to Sentry by Nova, this allows Sentry to release a line of fire in front of her once a day, damaging all creatures it hits. As Sentry wasn't built to power such weapons and doesn't have an internal furnace, she takes cold damage after using it.
  • Shield of Solwynn - A remnant of the lost city of Solwynn that Sentry had when Quill found her, this shield reduces damage from nonmagical bludgeoning, piercing and slashing weapons.
  • The Prime Matrix - A glowing sphere of gold and silver, with a complex metal latticework around it. The Prime Matrix is a Genesis Relic that transforms a Guardian into a Prime and grants them incredible abilities as well as changing their appearance and form.



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