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Part 1: How to Survive the First Night[]

The video first starts with Xephos and Honeydew introducing themselves, and inspecting their first map, finding themselves starting in a "snowy" biome. It is heavily implied to be Lewis' first time playing Minecraft. After exploring and breaking a few blocks of ice, Honeydew informs Xephos that "bad things" happen at night, and they need to collect wood to make a shelter. Xephos sees his first creeper hiding away in a cave. Honeydew was in an urge to find coal and make torches. Xephos continues to collect wood. After realising that it is getting dark, Xephos finds out how to build a crafting table, and Honeydew teaches him how to craft a pickaxe. They make some more wood, and start to panic as it gets increasingly dark. The pair begin to build a comically-small shack underneath a tree, and the episode ends with them laughing in the pitch-black room.


  • "This is quite Christmassy as well." - Lewis
  • "Oh Christ almighty, it's a creeper!" - Simon
  • "We're soooooooo screwed..." - Simon
  • "They are very bad things, they blow up, they destroy things...not sheep." - Simon

Part 2: Spending the Night in Simon`s Shack[]

The episode begins with Xephos and Honeydew in Simon's pitch-black shack, whereupon the beginner Xephos expresses concern for the safety of the cows and sheep outside. After a while Xephos scouts outside (and Honeydew locks him out). Then they frantically close the door due to seeing 'something' outside. Honeydew then scouts for a while. After knowing that it was a hostile mob, they quickly craft wooden swords to repel zombies and skeletons before waiting out the rest of the night discussing how to regain health. In the morning, while Xephos is fretting over the skeleton just outside, Honeydew reveals the skeletons can fire their arrows through the door, much to Xephos' chagrin. They then venture out to see the burning creatures, which to their horror, don't burn as quickly as expected, but the hellish beasts are reduced to cinders soon enough.


  • "I know what I'm doing." - Lewis
  • "'I'm an expert at this game...AAAAHHH! Oh my god, it's straight outside!" - Simon
  • "Put a stick in the center-middle...the center-middle? I don't even know what that is." - Simon
  • "So we have a shitty wooden sword. We're going to defend this property. From my cold dead hands, you skeleton motherfucker!" - Simon
  • "The thing is...oh god, I've said that fucking phrase again, I'm terribly sorry." - Simon
  • "Oh, no, it's OK, it's on fire." - Lewis
  • "Hooraaaay!" - Simon

Part 3: Moving into the Yogcave[]

Having survived their first night in the world of Minecraft, Xephos and Honeydew venture out in search of coal so they don't spend another night in the dark. Lewis continues to learn about the game's mechanics, such as how to recover one's health bar. After managing to find some coal embedded in a cliff-face, the pair decide to establish their permanent home inside a nearby natural cave, which will eventually evolve into The YogCave.

As Xephos works on solidifying the safety of the cave by sealing up the entrances, Honeydew returns to the shack to recover the door and other essential materials from it. When darkness once again begins to fall, the two rush to finish building a ceiling so monsters don't fall in on them from above. Safe inside once again, they prepare for their second night.


  • "I think that's why I like to play Minecraft, because you can make such lovely, beautiful buildings. Of course at the moment we're living in sort of a shitty cave surrounded by dirt, but you've got to begin somewhere." - Simon
  • "Make a house, a home." - Lewis

Part 4: The first quest! Pork and Glass[]

Xephos and Honeydew begin their second night in the land of Minecraftia by sprucing up their new home. Honeydew teaches Xephos how to make a furnace, which will allow them to make glass for windows. They soon realise that they don't have any sand, a necessary component for glass. At first light, they head out into the world in search of pigs and sand. Xephos suggests climbing the mountain to survey their surroundings, but they quickly change their minds about this idea when they come upon some spiders and decide to run away. Honeydew remembers there was sand at their spawn point, so they head there.

As they explore the area more, the pair happens to find some pumpkins, which Honeydew suggests they loot in order to make lanterns. Meanwhile, Lewis worries about a loading error he has which allows him to see through the world. Simon explains various other ways to regenerate health, which soon degenerates into the pair of them discussing their favoured method of preparing scrambled eggs.


  • "This is the next thing, the next step. It's like we're moving on to a different level here, Lewis. This is like level 2. We sort of dinged." - Simon
  • "Pumpkiiiiiins!" - Simon
  • "Well, you're not so much dating her, as, just shacked up with her in sin." - Simon

Part 5: The Legend of Pig Island[]

The episode opens with Honeydew spotting some pigs in the distance. The pigs are based on a floating island named Pig Island, which Honeydew describes as "the floating, magical island of pigs." After killing all the inhabitants of the island, Honeydew falls off the island onto a tree, taking fall damage. He and Xephos then return to the YogCave and cook their spoils to recover health. They then set about improving the cave, putting up lanterns, a wooden floor, and windows. Simon and Lewis then reflect on what to do next, and decide to take a break, ending the first playing session, deciding to see if they could get some of their friends to join them on their next session, specifically Duncan.


  • "There's pigs, pigs!" - Lewis
  • "Aaaaaaaahhhhhh!" - Simon (after spotting the pigs)
  • "So, we need to find our way back to the base...um...how do we do that?" - Lewis
  • "Yeah, yeah, I've done it, it looks like a turd!" - Lewis (describing the cooked meat)

Part 6: The Mysterious Tree[]

Xephos and Honeydew return to their Minecraft world to discover that a cow has moved into their YogCave, presumably having spawned in one of the small grass patches at the edge of their house. Dubbing the cow Daisy, they move on to the more pressing matter - some creepers and zombies are jumping around in their back garden. Honeydew jokingly invites them in for some punch before closing the door in their faces. During the time the door is open, one can see a pressure plate, set up so that it can only be triggered from someone exiting The YogCave from that door.They instead walk out the front entrance and notice an extremely deformed tree, wondering if someone has been messing around on the server.

'Oh no!!! Daisy!!! Noooooo! Why would you do that, I loved that cow!'

Returning to The YogCave, Honeydew demonstrates how to make armour by killing Daisy with an axe, much to Xephos' dismay. The two eventually decide to return to the cave where Xephos spotted a creeper back in the first episode, but discover that it is just a big, empty hole in the side of the mountain. Deciding to return to The YogCave before they are attacked by monsters, they set out, but Honeydew spots a bright light in the distance. Following it, the duo discover that the light was coming from a massive pyramid filled with lava.


  • "Com'on in guys, have yourself some punch! - Simon (teasing the hostile mobs)
  • "It's like a fly, trying to get outta the window. - Lewis (describing Daisy)
  • "Oh no!!! Daisy!!! Noooooo! Why would you do that, I loved that cow!" - Lewis

Part 7: The Trial of the Pyramid[]

Continuing on from the previous episode, Xephos and Honeydew have just discovered a strange, lava-filled pyramid on an island not far from their spawn point. Small platforms provide a way of getting across. Honeydew deduces that it was put there as a challenge and spots three treasure chests at the end. He prevents Xephos from building a "glass pathway" across, saying that it "wouldn't be in the spirit of it". The duo build a "stopping off point" at the entrance, depositing all their belongings into a chest.

Honeydew is the first to take the challenge, missing the jump horribly and burning in the lava. He dies and is warped to the spawn point, where a creeper chases him all the way back to the pyramid. Honeydew declares that the only way to escape is to jump across the platforms. They do so, as the uninterested creeper climbs up to the top of the pyramid. Xephos is also exposed to death by lava and Honeydew is heard dying in the background while Xephos waits for the respawn to kick in. Back at the spawn point, they return to the pyramid noticing that their custom skins have burnt off, leaving them as the default characters.

Honeydew once again attempts the pyramid, wondering who was responsible for the pyramid as he goes. He dies for a third time, and Xephos isn't successful either. They respawn on the beach again, commenting on how they have "spent the entire night burning [them]selves to death". Several deaths later, Xephos and Honeydew decide to give up on the pyramid until they are prepared. They head north, and discover more Dark Constructions, namely a replica of Stonehenge and a small igloo constructed from blocks of snow. (Although Honeydew was sure it was wool.) The duo realise that this may be linked to the strange tree found outside The YogCave and head back to the pyramid. On the way to the pyramid, however, they find a hole in the ground leading to an underground cave. Collecting their belongings from the chest outside the pyramid, they prepare to head inside.


  • "Oh NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHA!" - Simon (dies in the lava)
  • "Can you see something following me very closely." - Simon (chased by a creeper)

Part 8: The Quest for the Bucket[]

The episode continues straight from the previous one, with Xephos and Honeydew ready to explore the cave they discovered. Xephos, having stolen Honeydew's torches from the chest outside the pyramid, leads. They find iron fairly quickly, and plan on using it to make a bucket of water to put themselves out, offering a second chance at the pyramid. Continuing through the cave, they find a torch, a sign that the cave is not as natural as they originally thought.

After killing a spider and narrowly avoiding death by creeper, Honeydew and Xephos continue through more waves of enemies until they discover a dungeon containing a monster spawner. They fight for ages and eventually force the enemies into the dungeon, where they begin to attack the spawner. Honeydew, however, is killed in the process and Xephos "avenges" him by destroying the spawner. His victory is short-lived, however, as he too is killed by a lingering zombie.

Dark Constructions[]

At precisely 9:50 in an in-correctly loaded chunk an underground staircase lit by torches can be seen. At no point on-screen during the series are either Xephos or Honeydew digging this tunnel so it can be assumed that either someone else dug it or one of them dug it off-screen. Because of this, it is mostly likely constructed by Israphel, and may be one of his secret hide-outs.


  • "Oh God look at its eyes." - Simon (looking at a spider)
  • "Oh my God its a creeper!" - Lewis
  • "Fucking Hell!" - Simon (almost got blown up)
  • "Avenge me." - Simon

Part 9: Epic Dungeon Loot[]

Xephos and Honeydew travel back into the cave where they died to retrieve their lost goods in addition to receiving their treasure in the dungeon chests - which contains wheat, a bucket and a record. Both of them discuss their "wonderful bounty" and head back towards the surface (with great effort because they were lost) to fill the bucket.

They emerge during the day and Honeydew manages to fill their new bucket. He says how they can take on the pyramid and they go forth. At the pyramid, they sort out their items. Honeydew takes one of their buckets and attempts the pyramid once more. Meanwhile, Xephos crafts a furnace (for some odd reason). Honeydew manages to make it across without getting burned to find that their greatly anticipated chests containing (from left to right facing the chests)

  • 17 torches
  • 3 porkchops (presumably raw)
  • 4 eggs

While Xephos makes a positive remark on how that way they don't have to fret about them possibly losing it on the way back, Honeydew falls in the lava and dies.

After Honeydew respawns and they re-sort out items, the two decide to end the episode by finding a pig and attempting to ride it with little success.


  • "Errrrrrrrrrrrrrwwwwwwwwwwww......" - Simon (giving Lewis back his items and blocks)
  • "You do a bit of cooking while I risk my fucking life." - Simon
  • "What you should be asking is how to ride a pig." - Simon

Part 10: "Renovating" the Yogcave[]

While trying to fight the fire that has broken out in The YogCave, Xephos discovers a mysterious hole in the floor.

The video begins where episode 9 left off, with the duo heading back to The YogCave after an unsuccessful attempt at having Xephos ride a pig. They briefly split up, with Honeydew heading straight back to The YogCave while Xephos decides to kill some more pigs in order to obtain more food. Honeydew warns him to hurry as it is getting dark, and says he will head back to The YogCave and "put the heating on."

After Xephos realises that is indeed getting very dark, he retreats to the safety of The YogCave. As the duo exchange comical greetings, Honeydew attempts to make good on his promise to put the heating on and sets fire to the wooden floor. Xephos immediately exclaims that this is not a good idea, but the fire has already begun to spread throughout The YogCave. While Xephos frantically runs around trying to put the fire out before it destroys their home, Honeydew mildly comments that he "kind of likes it."

While removing some pumpkin lanterns to protect them from the fire, Xephos discovers a mysterious hole in their floor. He calls Honeydew over to look at it and then pushes him in when he gets too close to the edge. The next several minutes of the episode are spent with Xephos fighting the fire and Honeydew wondering at the appearance of the mysterious shaft. Eventually, the fire is put out, though not before both of them catch on fire, causing Honeydew to die and Xephos to be even more flustered.

The back door of The YogCave is obliterated by the booby trap accidentally set off by Honeydew.

With the fire tamed, Xephos goes to put some of his previously collected pork in the oven. At this point in the video all we see is Xephos cooking, but a few seconds later the relative calm is interrupted by Honeydew screaming, "OH MY GOD NOOOOO WHYYYYY?" and the back door of The YogCave exploding after he set off a hidden booby trap of TNT. The remainder of the video is spent with the two exclaiming in disbelief about the booby trap and commenting that they must be careful in their Minecraft world because "whoever installed that trap has a devious evil mind".


  • "Why aren't you panicking?" - Lewis (in response to The YogCave fire)
    • "I don't know...I think I kind of like it." - Simon
  • "Everything will be reborn in time, Lewis... in a baptism of fire." - Simon
  • "It's like those annoying candles that never go out!" - Simon
  • "OH MY GOD NOOOOO WHYYYYY?" - Simon (after the back door explodes)

Part 11: Going Underground[]

The episode begins with Xephos and Honeydew inspecting the damage of the booby trap set up. After attempting to repair it by making a bridge and a moat (which doesn't go to plan...) they set about rebuilding the flooring and discussing the hole in the floor. Honeydew considers it "an act of terrorism on a par with 9/11," whilst Xephos likens it to a car bomb, targeted at a specific person.

Xephos exits The YogCave to continue construction of the tower, but is interrupted by a creeper who falls down on to the roof of The YogCave. The same thing happens to Honeydew when he climbs up the mountain to help. Xephos tells Honeydew to make sure The YogCave is repaired by the time he gets back to it, with Honeydew assuming he is "going out drinking with his friends". Nonetheless, the floor is complete by the time he returns, with some spaces being filled with dirt instead of wood.

Xephos dispels any rumours that it was he who built the pyramid and the other Dark Constructions by explaining that he dug a long diagonal mineshaft and obtained iron tools, but cut this from the recording because it was too boring. It is this mineshaft which the duo begin to travel down, ending the episode.


  • "It was an act of terrorism. I would say, on a par with 9/11." - Simon
  • "I think it was more of a car bomb. It was targeted at one person." - Lewis
  • "WOOAAHH!" - Simon (after falling off the tower)
  • "I did put some pork in the oven..." - Lewis

Part 12: Hitting Bedrock[]

Continuing from where 'Going Underground' left off, Honeydew and Xephos find bedrock, and decide to dig to the sides, as they are unable to go any further downward. Honeydew hears monsters through the walls and suggests that they dig towards the noises, hoping they find a cave. Xephos briefly returns to the surface to grab some iron to make tools. When he returns, Honeydew is digging up some gravel he found, whilst Xephos spots redstone for the first time.

The two begin to dig in the same wall to attempt to find the cave. After mining some gold, they make two very small, safe holes in the wall of the cave. Unfortunately, they had also made a small hole in the ceiling of the cave without realising it, a hole that a zombie now falls out of. It attacks a screaming Honeydew, chasing him back down into the mineshaft. Xephos follows closely behind them and kills the zombie, but not before it kills Honeydew. He then decides to climb up into the cave and explore it whilst Honeydew comes back, A zombie falls down on Honeydew, chasing him down and killing him. Xephos manages to kill the zombie and decides to discover more of the cave while waiting for Honeydew to come back. He quickly comes to a fork in the road, with both paths blocked by dangerous skeletons.

Part 13: Setting up the Obsidian Outpost[]

Continuing from where the previous episode left off, Xephos continues to explore the dangerous cavern found just above their mineshaft, whilst Honeydew returns after being killed by a zombie. They find three skeletons in a row as they make their way through the next corridor before finding a natural cave hub with several paths, one of which leads straight down to lava level, where some running water from above has created obsidian.

Simon explains obsidian, how it is created, and how it is mined (with a diamond pickaxe, which they do not own) but is very vague about what it is used for, possibly trying to make it more of a surprise for Lewis. Xephos decides to convert the cave hub into an outpost, described in the video title as the Obsidian Outpost. He fills the outpost with crafting tables, furnaces and chests and seals off the water to prevent it from flowing into the lava room, exposing the obsidian.


  • "Oh, god, there might be a dungeon somewhere." - Simon
  • "Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa" - Lewis

Part 14: In Search of Diamond[]

Honeydew and Xephos continue through the lava-filled caverns looking for diamonds, but first, Simon explains how to make compasses and watches with the redstone they found. The two eventually leave the outpost after washing away a creeper that almost got in. They head down into the lava caverns and split up, mining two separate tunnels whilst trying to locate some of the elusive diamonds. Xephos finds no diamonds after searching several caverns. Along the way he shows and describes a bug where throwing a tool on the ground and picking it up refreshes its durability, a bug he refuses to abuse.

While all this is going on, Honeydew calls to Xephos, telling him he has located diamonds at last. Xephos runs to Honeydew's tunnel to check, and indeed, there is diamond ore. There are only three blocks, but digging them all out reveals holes in the wall that lead into a new cavern.


  • The name of the episode is a reference to "In Search of Diamonds", a song by the Dead Workers Party, who make The Shaft - a Minecraft podcast, on which Simon and Lewis once appeared as guest stars.

Part 15: Hoarding Obsidian[]

Screen Shot 2012-11-06 at 5.58.39 PM.png

The episode begins where the previous one left off, with the duo having found three diamonds. They return to the Obsidian Outpost and build the diamond pickaxe needed to mine the obsidian. Xephos tasks Honeydew with this, whilst he heads off into other caverns.

Xephos fails to find diamond in the caverns but does find more iron and redstone, while Honeydew must be tactical in his mining to avoid losing the obsidian to lava. Topics of conversation during all of this involve the etymology of 'creeper', whether they use 'fight' or 'flight' in a tricky situation and how other people on the server could be anywhere and they wouldn't know.

As Xephos is making his way back to the obsidian mine, Honeydew warns him that something has happened, and that he shouldn't be angry when he sees it. Sure enough, when he gets back, the cave is flooded as a result of a poorly executed attempt by Honeydew to create more obsidian. Xephos manages to get back to the Obsidian Outpost, but Honeydew goes back to continue mining, and when Xephos attempts to create a dry tunnel between the two caves, he accidentally causes gravel to fall, trapping Honeydew with the obsidian.


  • "Creepers don't really make a noise, that's why they're creepers, because they sort of... creep up on you. They're not called heavy footed bastards!" - Simon
  • "They could be miles away and we wouldn't know... they could be on top of us and we wouldn't know... they could be anywhere at all and we just wouldn't know... you scared yet?" - Simon
  • "I am a bit, yeah... I was scared before but now..." - Lewis

Part 16: Dark Constructions[]

Picking up where the last episode left off, Xephos digs Honeydew out of the gravel and blocks off the water from the Obsidian Outpost. Xephos then heads back to the caverns, while Honeydew returns to obsidian mining. Soon, though, Honeydew realises he has obtained more than enough obsidian for what he wants to make, the identity of which has still not been revealed to Xephos.

The defective Nether portal, just after being lit by Xephos. This is considered one of the most significant moments in season 1.

They then return to the surface for the first time on-screen in several episodes, and decide to make the portal in the Cave of Terror as a location. Xephos heads back to get some supplies, and along the way discovers a creeper in their house, which he lures out to the beach, where it explodes. Eventually, the obsidian has been placed as a frame for a Nether portal. Xephos likens the frame to a monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey. Honeydew hands Xephos a flint and steel and asks him to light the portal. The purple light suddenly appears, shocking Xephos. They decide to enter, but first make a small room with some chests in the side of the cave. This all, however, builds to an anticlimax, as they step into the portal only to find out it is bugged in the current version of Minecraft. After requesting that Notch fix it, they end the episode.

Part 17: Yogcastle Construction Interrupted[]

The episode begins with Xephos inside The YogCave talking to Honeydew, commenting on the fact that portals in Minecraft SMP still aren't functioning properly. He heads towards the Cave of Terror where the Nether portal is now based, and immediately notices a change in the area: there are mushrooms all over the area, there is fire scattered around the portal, and the cobblestone they placed is now mossy. Honeydew appears from the storage room behind the portal and suggests that, although they can't get in, things may be leaking out of the portal.

The duo then return to The YogCave realising that Xephos has left the door open but Honeydew thinks it could be the same person who has built all of the other mysterious structures around the map. They go inside and Honeydew realises that Xephos has left the door open again, even after talking about it mere seconds before.

Xephos and Honeydew begin to dig away at The YogCave ceiling, hoping to continue construction on the tower and discuss several ideas for staircases. It gets dark quickly, and they worry about mobs dropping in on them from above, but Honeydew still pillars up slightly to assess the tower. As he does this, Xephos spots a name-tag ('Israphel') moving up the side of the tower and alerts Honeydew just as the unknown character looks down at them from the top of their own tower and begins firing arrows at them. They hurriedly block off the part of The YogCave where they are exposed and hide in the other half, whilst Honeydew shouts 'OI' into the chat. The character begins to move down the tower and appears right outside the front door, on the other side of the wall. Honeydew says 'PAX' and 'LET'S BE FRIENDS', with full intention to kill the mysterious character. Instead of responding to Honeydew, the character retreats into the distance.

They decide to give chase to the character. Honeydew breaks one of the flowers off of The YogCave floor and says, "I HAVE SOMETHING FOR YOU FRIEND." The duo break down the barrier they built and head out the front door, and the episode ends with them chasing Israphel into the night.


  • "What if it's not you that left it open. That's the fucking thing. That's what.... sorry just scratching my beard there." - Simon
  • "You left the fucking door.... Jesus! You were just saying about leaving the door open and you left the front door open!" - Simon
  • (Mumbled by jaffa cakes) "I'm very stressed Lewis, I've been fired at by arrows."

Part 18: Chasing Israphel[]

The episode begins with the sun rising as Honeydew and Xephos chase Israphel after being attacked by him. They soon lose him (he has been spotted by viewers hiding behind a tree), but Honeydew then quickly notices something else, distracting him to the threat of a creeper, which almost kills him. He then continues onward, not noticing another creeper nearby, which Xephos attempts to kill, but fails to do so before it explodes.

Soon they arrive on top of a hill, and notice a spider, made friendly by the sunlight. After playing with him, they look out over the snowy wasteland. Xephos, confused, asks if they have "entered Lapland." They start speculating about Israphel's disappearance, his intentions, his mysterious projects, and the idea of him escaping into a hidden base, while wandering the area, looking for clues. They decide they've lost the trail, and start trying to find their way home. Along the way they continue to discuss theories about Israphel, while checking in various caves for signs of him.

The two lose each other and night is beginning to fall. They begin to panic slightly, as Xephos notices what he thinks are trees that have been cut. They soon find each other again near a huge cavern. Honeydew does a bit of exploring in the cavern, hoping to find Israphel, but instead finds only zombies

They decide to go home, using the compass to find their way, and soon they spot the familiar shape of the pyramid in the distance. The episode ends with the two of them running toward home, pursued by monsters.


  • "Why do zombies drop feathers?" - Lewis
  • "Because they're BIRDS! "sings" I'm like a bird!" - Simon

Part 19: Tunnelling in the Dark (Multiplayer Survival)[]

Xephos and Honeydew head to the Cave of Terror where their Hellgate is located, where they spot a pig next to it. Honeydew attempts to scare Xephos by saying that something came through the portal, but on further inspection it is found to just be a sheep on fire.

They begin to wonder how they'll get back to The YogCave with all the monsters wandering around, and soon hatch a plan to dig a long tunnel from the Cave of Terror to The YogCave. They begin to do so, Honeydew digging while Xephos grabs ores along the way. Xephos worries that they might tunnel right past The YogCave, but Honeydew says this is impossible due to his innate sense of direction. Xephos begins to mine a small staircase up to find out where they are, but is interrupted by Honeydew, who hears running water. Realising this must be the waterfall outside their base, they continue digging. Eventually, Honeydew mines directly into the path of the water, and the two swim up to find themselves back at The YogCave with a secret path that leads directly to it.

Xephos breaks down the dirt wall he put up to protect them from Israphel in an earlier episode. He then gets to work on building a 'double backed staircase' up the side of the tower. Honeydew immediately "spurges out" and points out the flaws in Xephos's project, telling him it's the worst staircase he's ever seen. Xephos assures him that it is a temporary fixture, and continues to build up to the top of the tower.


  • "Could we make a tunnel from here to our house? Er, I'm not quite sure that would be a good idea." - Lewis
  • "Great, now I've only got f*cking fifteen." - Simon
  • "What was it Hannah said? (in a deep voice) I'm coming home for Christmas..." - Simon
  • "Oh! You know we've got that waterfall by The YogCave? I can hear running water! I've got a feeling we're close to it!" - Simon
  • "(whispering) Shh! It's a secret! Shh! Hee hee hee hee hee! Shh!" - Simon
  • "Oh god, oh my god. Of course you've just built like the sh*ttiest stairway I think I've ever seen..." - Simon
  • "Look, I need them to be there temporarily. Temporary set of cobblestone stairs." - Lewis
  • "I half wanted you to fall down then. Is that bad of me Lewis?" - Simon

Part 20: Terrible Switchback Stairs[]

In this episode, Xephos has just completed his cobblestone stairs up to the top of the cliff behind their home, but Honeydew thinks they look awful. He walks around on top of the cliff, but finds the large hole leading to the back door, and shows Xephos. They both notice it looks the same as the space for the tower Xephos is constructing. Honeydew accidentally falls down to the back, but while Xephos is looking around he notices a strange formation of blocks in the distance.

Xephos and Honeydew walk toward the direction of where Xephos thinks he saw it, and when they find it, it turns out to be one of the Dark Constructions, the clay house. They leave the clay home and head back to the Yogcave. The time speeds forward a little to Xephos placing cobblestone steps on the cobblestone blocks making up the switchback stairs. A zombie and creeper tried to attack him, but failed, instead landing into the main room. Fortunately, the drop was enough to kill the two enemies, so Honeydew and the house were not harmed. Xephos made his way down and watched Honeydew collect the mob drops.

Xephos headed back up to the top of the tower, and noticed a creeper in a tree. Honeydew tried to get to him to kill the creeper, but before he could, he made a small gasp and told Xephos to come help him. It turns out there was a skeleton on the stairs, so he killed him. Honeydew showed Xephos that he made a bow, and Xephos asked him to shoot the creeper in the tree he had seen a minute ago, which was still there. He knocked it out of the tree and killed it. He then killed a spider he found, although it was friendly.

Xephos was randomly breaking leaves from a tree when all of the sudden he heard a "Ssss..." from behind him. He quickly glanced behind a noticed a creeper. He ran as fast as he could from it, as it almost blew up a little bit of the top. Honeydew ran towards Xephos, wondering why he was huffing and puffing, somehow walking right past the creeper without noticing it. Xephos frantically tried to tell him there was a creeper he walked by and finally Honeydew noticed it, shooting it with his bow. Xephos walked by the tree whose leaves he was breaking, heard another "Ssss...", and saw yet another creeper. Honeydew was having a hard time believing him, since he had seen so many creepers. He saw this one's feet, so he shot it too.

Honeydew shoveled snow to give Xephos space for the tower, so he created a snowball. Xephos, curious to know what would happen, threw it at Honeydew, but Honeydew told him they did damage and was a little disgruntled. Honeydew asked him if he felt lucky that he didn't shoot him with his bow for throwing a snowball at him, and he wouldn't answer for a second, but finally said yes.


  • Simon: It's lovely. '*snort*
  • Simon: We could leave him a message, like a calling card or something.
  • Simon: Oh, by "we", you mean "you", is that right?
  • Simon: Because you're a massive cheat, he got angry, and he's sort of taking it out on you.
  • Lewis: Owned b*tch! How do you like that?
  • Simon: You feel lucky punk? Do you feel lucky? Do you? Well? Do you? I'm asking "do you"? It's not a rhetorical question okay?

Part 21: Ceiling Construction Interrupted[]

The episode starts off with the two heroes admiring the change from Alpha to Beta in the game, and being puzzled by the many changes to their beloved Yogcave. Xephos comments "Do you reckon he's finally on our side.. or something?", when noticing the quite nice waterfall added to the back of the Yogcave. Honeydew's pet cow, Daisy, also dies, by being pushed down a mountain by Xephos, midway into the episode. However, the two companions get interrupted shortly after continuing the work on their ceiling above the Yogcave.

Several arrows start raining upon them, and all of a sudden a well-known nameplate appears below them on the main floor. Although the mysterious man seems hostile, Honeydew tries to reason with him(or tries to trick him and kill him), but fails and therefore pursues him into a tunnel being blocked by cobblestone, making it harder for them to reach him. When finally getting out of the tunnel, they spot Israphel again, still running away, past the stone formation similar to Stonehenge, and over a hill, leading them to a bridge to Terrorvale.


Lewis: "There's a sign on our front door, which is extremely creepy, have you seen this?"

Lewis: "Brrlrlrlrlrlrllwrrgggg.."


Part 22: Old Peculier[]

Lewis (Xephos) and Simon (Honeydew) are following a long stone road in the wilderness, wandering across a few bridges which leads them right into the hands of another "player" called Old Peculier. An old man who has deep feelings for a young blacksmith by the name of Daisy Duke, he owns the inn named "The Skeletal Arms". He serves the two adventurers buckets of milk, and releases his hospitality for his guests. They discover that they're in a small village called Terrorvale. The heroes decide to earn their title by helping the young blacksmith, Daisy, by venturing into a spider-infested cave.


Simon: Oh this is nice. Look, like a tree... Er... Who's that over there? (As he was walking down the path to Terrorvale)

Old Peculier: Hail traveller!

Lewis: Old_Perculier's still standing here...

Simon: Just staring at Daisy Dukes backside.

Part 23: The House on the Hill[]

During this episode, the heroes are in the cave to find the diamonds, after defeating a zombie that suddenly appeared in the dark, they then quickly find a large number of diamonds. They exit the cave to give Daisy the diamonds. Daisy then goes to make the armour with the diamonds given and asks the heroes to visit the Reverend. Reverend John then explains his son's death, also explaining the name of his chapel (St Creepers). Following that, he asked the heroes to recover his belongings (including his bible) from his house that was overrun by zombies. The house had fire in it, and was made of moss stone. The heroes went in the house and discovered a cave with a zombie dungeon in it. The heroes, along with Old Peculier, fend off the zombies, but only find some sulphur and other stuff in the chests. With too much zombies, they then decide to retreat and go to Old Peculier's inn for some roast pork. When they mention John's son, they mysteriously disconnect from the server, although it is believed this was not intended for the story.

Part 24: Troubling Events in Terrorvale[]

Xephos and Honeydew wake up in the Skeletal Arms to the warm welcome of Peculiar and his milk, after disconnecting in the previous episode for saying the name 'Israphel'. Spooked, they go to check the smithy to see how their diamond tools are coming along only to find that Daisy Duke isn't there. They only find a Diamond chest plate, leggings and sword in her chest, which is shared between the two.

Afterwards, they resume the quest given to them by Reverend John to find his bible beneath his house. Soon, after killing numerous zombies, the duo get to a dungeon-like basement with two chests and a mob spawner. They destroy the mob spawner with haste but to their dismay there are only common dungeon loot. They continue downwards into the tunnel thinking it might be farther down. Realizing that the book isn't even there, the heroes continue out of the house with questions for the whereabouts of the book. Although once they get to the church Reverend John is nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly Lewis sees the Reverend's nameplate underneath the Church, in the dark crypt. Xephos and Honeydew venture into the crypt beside the church to see Reverend John looking down at a coffin right at the end of the crypt. Honeydew gets distracted by the names on the coffins and walks blindly sideways while reading them. On looking up, Reverend John was already looking at Honeydew as he mindlessly walked into him. Honeydew then yelled in fright while Xephos laughed at him. Reverend John seemed surprised that they were there let alone still alive. He then yells "Taste my holy blade!" and attacks Honeydew with a golden sword. Lewis then defensively slays John with one swing of his sword. They look at the loot on his person and find that he had two golden swords and almost a full stack of books.

Old Peculiar then comes down to see what is going on which strikes both of them speechless for a while as to try to explain what happened. They discover that he was looking at Israphel's coffin which leads to further confusion. Old Peculiar explains that John was obsessed at looking at his tomb. Honeydew sneaks outside to find flint in order to burn the coffin. The group continue the conversation outside to discuss serious business. Old Peculiar states that he died 5 years ago even though the duo saw him earlier that day. Honeydew then sneaks off once again to finally burn the coffin as Lewis awkwardly stalls Old Peculiar from going down with Honeydew.

Part 25: A Sinister Discovery[]

The episode begins with our Heroes talking to Old Peculier inside the Skeletal Arms. Old Peculier becomes very confused with the resurrection of Israphel. They then proceed down the Crypt, and find a secret passage behind the 'tomb' of Israphel. Honeydew then puts out the fire on the wood and replaces it with a torch. Honeydew mines a stone block that was obstructing the passageway and the heroes then descend down a flight of stairs. Upon seeing a bloodstain (redstone) on the floor, they all quickly run back up to the Skeletal Arms. Xephos empties a portion of his inventory into Old Peculier's chest, while Honeydew gives some raw pork to Old Peculier for him to cook, remarking that Reverend John dropped 41 books. The heroes then decide to craft a bow, and some arrows, but realize they lack the flint required to craft the arrows. Xephos discovers a dirt house, and also finds a crafting room, with nothing but a crafting table. The heroes realize that the fountain is also an egg 'factory'. As night falls, they return to Old Peculier's Inn, and Xephos can't help wondering about Daisy Duke's disappearance.

Part 26: The Tomb[]

The episode starts with heroes talking to Old Peculier in his pub. Old Peculier finally knows that Daisy Duke is gone after the heroes tell him. Old Peculier gives a stone sword to Honeydew before they go to check the crypt and Israphel's grave, where they encounter and slay a creeper. The heroes find an underground path leading to a weird underground castle, where Israphel is holding Daisy hostage. They start to rush in the castle, but Zombie Boss appears with its stone axe and attacks the heroes. Our heroes kill it and advance into the castle. They start to check around the castle, but then they notice the nameplate of Creeper Boss.

Part 27: The Tunnel Run[]

The episode starts out with the two heroes, plus Old Peculier running up the stairs to meet Creeper Boss after beating Zombie Boss. Without warning, Creeper Boss sets off TNT. Everyone is okay, although there is now a giant hole in the secret mansion.

The Heroes find a hidden cellar under the mansion that contains a chest full of arrows. Honeydew and Old Peculier explore the mansion, looking for treasure and clues. Being distracted by treasure, no one noticed that Daisy Duke and Israphel are nowhere to be seen.

They now find a dark tunnel. After logging out for a brief second to fix the TNT bug, they go down the long tunnel. They travel down the tunnel for a while, when suddenly, a notification announces 'Daisy_Duke has left the game' alerting the Heroes that Daisy has left or been killed and that they didn't save her as they planned to. Old Peculier tries to be hopeful, telling the Heroes that he was about to propose to her.

After what seems like hours of walking through the dark tunnel, Old Peculier leaves the game. The Heroes worry that he had a heart attack because of the walking. Luckily, he returns moments later, announcing that he passed out.

Suddenly, they hear sounds from a nearby monster and the tunnel ends. They now find themselves by the Portal, near the YogCave. Old Peculier believes that Israphel took Daisy Duke through the "Hellgate". After having a short sit down, they announce that they are going through the Portal. This is where Season 1 ends.


  • The episode ends on a cliffhanger that isn't fully resolved until the first episode of season 3.
  • It is also the video that holds the record for most views on a non-collaboration YoGPoD video.