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Diggy Diggy Hole!

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Part 1: Precious DirtEdit

The episode begins with Lewis announcing they're taking a break from their regular Minecraft series, due to nether portals not working in survival multiplayer. Instead, they will be checking out custom maps, such as Survival Island. The island contains very little; one tree, a flower, a few blocks of dirt, and lumps of clay. A patch of grass forms the shape of the letter 'X'. Honeydew believes it is where their base should be, using the grass as a ceiling. After digging out a small shelter, the duo realizes how dire the situation is; low amounts of dirt, no wood, and no torches. Luckily, two blocks of coal ore are discovered directly below the base. Using the 'X marks the spot' as a guide, Honeydew suggests that they should continue digging in that area. The episode ends when the two find a couple of iron hidden within the rock


  • "We need to use these torches efficiently." -Lewis
  • "Precious dirt." -Simon
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