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For the digital album of the same name, see Shi no Barado.

Shi no Barado (死のバラード) is the sixth song on Area 11's All The Lights in the Sky album. It features Beckii Cruel, and lasts 5 minutes 19 seconds. It is the longest track on the album with the exception of Bōsōzoku Symphonic. The Japanese phrase Shi no Barado means "Ballad of Death".

Shi no Barado was released as an independent single in April 2013, managing to get into the UK Singles Charts Top 200 after only a day. A music video was released along with the single itself.

The amazing art work was created by Adam Davis including the Japanese on the back of the album which translated to 'Single of the Big Boys' which is further explained here.


The video starts with a view of Beckii Cruel's walking. She drops her bag on the floor, and the Area 11 logo appears. Beckii walks over the logo, making both halves of it disappear after a few frames. She walks over a rug and into her bedroom, sitting down on her bed. The song title, Shi no Barado, appears and Beckii sits down at her computer desk. Her browser is already on the YouTube page for Shi no Barado, and when she presses the play button the song starts.

Area 11 begin, and the lights behind them flicker slowly, creating a moody atmosphere. Sparkles* begins playing the keytar, while Parv is on guitar. Leo appears to be on drums while Kogie is performing bass. As Sparkles begins to sing, he is no longer playing a keytar. Just before the lyrics, I sent a message I know you'd see, he gently thrusts his head forward with the beat of the music. The camera cuts to each member of Area 11 several times, before the lyrics, Now fate led you down the path with me, in which the camera cuts to Beckii, who looks like she's day-dreaming.

Sparkles* and Beckii singing together.

'Split screen' shot of the Sparkles* and Beckii.

Upon hearing the lyrics, Cause baby when our eyes met, sung by Sparkles, Beckii repeats the line as the camera cuts to her, as if she is thinking the same about him. Beckii does this throughout her vocals in the chorus of the song. Shortly after, Beckii does a twirl for a brief second, dancing along with the song. On the next chorus, Beckii isn't seen until the lyrics, Cause baby you can use me, in which she is combing her hair in the mirror and repeats the words. She still seems to be thinking about Sparkles*.

Later on, Beckii seems to have a nap on her bed when her dream starts. Her dream depicts her wearing Japanese-styled clothing. In the dream, Sparkles is seen singing with a white background, and Beckii with a black background. The two join together for a few frames, then sing together in a 'split-screen' view. The two views of Sparkles and Beckii then alternate as the vocals alternate too, and then Beckii awakes from her dream. She travels to a train station of some sort while the band is still playing together. As the song still goes through Beckii's mind, she carries on singing. She's then seen going through a forest, then onto a beach. As the song ends, Beckii travels to a lighthouse and when the band finishes playing, Sparkles is seen leaving, and the shot transitions to Sparkles and Beckii at the lighthouse together.



Area 11 - Shi no Barado (feat. Beckii Cruel)


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Courtesy of: Sparkles*

I saw your face in the LEDs
My revenge was your gift to me
It’s something that I can never repay,
but I will try anyway.

I sent a message I know you’d see
A promise written on a TV screen
Now fate lead you down the path to me
and I’m begging you on my knees


(Sparkles* sings first and then Beckii sings the part again as an echo)

Cause baby when our eyes met
I could never look away
You’re all I ever wanted
There’s nothing left to say
Cause baby you can use me
I will do what you want me to
And baby you can kill me
When I’m no use to you

(end of chorus)

My body will be your fortress
I will keep you safe from pain
My eyes will be your weapons
My losses are your gains

Together we can burn this to the ground
Rebuild it into something right
Cause you are bigger than the planet Earth
And I am your satellite

(Chorus without Beckii singing last line)

(Beckii sings first, Sparkles* sings 2nd only last line is both at the same time)

I’m not afraid and I’m not alone
Because you’re with me in my dreams
(You’re with me tonight)
I won’t give up on this perfect love
Even when my memories fail me
(When my memories fail me)
Cause I see you through burning eyes
I write your name down in my heart
Oh baby I’m just using you
My love you know I want you to
Look into the skies


Baby when our eyes met
You’re all I ever wanted

Lyrics (Japanese version)[]

Courtesy of: Beckii Cruel

LED kimi wo mita
Rebenji ha kimi no mono
Shikaeshi nante dekinai
Demo yatte miru kedo
Kimi ni messeji wo okutta
Terebi ni deta yakusoku
Meguri au unmei
Hizama zuite onegai suru
Baby me to me ga atte
Zutto mitsumete itai
Anata ga hoshii
Iu koto nani mo nai
Watashi wo riyou shite
Nan demo suru kara
Watashi wo koroshite
Watashi de dame nara
Kimi otsuyoku mamoru
Kimi wo kizu tsukenai
Kimi wo mimamoru
Kimi no tame nara
Kimi to nara nandemo dekiru
Hajime kara staato shiyou
Kimi ha chikyuu yori ooki
Watashi ha kimi no sateraito
Baby me to me ga atte
Zutto mitsumete itai
Anata ga hoshii
Iu koto nani mo nai
Watashi wo riyou shite
Nan demo suru kara
Watashi wo koroshite
Watashi de dame nara
Watashi ha kowakunai
Kimi to yume de au
(Konya isshou)
PERFECT LOVE akiramenai
Kioku ga nakunattemo
(Kioku ga nakunattemo)
Kimi wo mitsumeru kara
Namae wo kokoro ni kaki tomeru
Kimi ha benrina onna
Watashi no aisuru hito
Sora wo miagete mite
Baby me to me ga atte
Zutto mitsumete itai
Anata ga hoshii
Iu koto nani mo nai
Watashi wo riyou shite
Nan demo suru kara
Watashi wo koroshite
Watashi de dame nara
Baby me to me ga atte
Anata ga hoshii


  • This was the first time another artist collaborated with Area 11.
  • This song is a reference to the Death Note anime series.
  • Shi no Barado was performed on Martyn's "BIG Friday Livestream" for Comic Relief on 15th March 2013.
  • Shi no Barado was released as a single on the 27th April 2013.
  • This song was also remixed by 'I Fight Dragons' and 'Superpowerless'.
  • This song also has a Japanese version.
  • The behind the scenes video for the music video was posted on Beckii Cruel's channel, and is found here.
  • Zoey once stated on a Twitch.tv livestream that this was her favourite Area 11 song.
  • This song was used as the ending theme on the last episode of Bravoman.