Shovel Knight is a 2D side-scrolling platform game presented in 8-bit graphics in which players control the eponymous protagonist as he collects treasure and fights against the Order of No Quarter. Shovel Knight's main means of attack is his shovel, which he can either use to attack enemies head on and dig up treasure or aim below him whilst jumping to bounce on enemies, similar to the pogo jump from DuckTales or the downward thrust from Zelda II: The Adventure of Link. By finding a salesman hidden in most levels, the player can purchase secondary items that can be used with a limited supply of magic. These include long-range projectiles, gloves that can punch through dirt blocks, and a locket that makes the player invincible for a brief period. [1]


  • Martyn originally played the game as part of his Have A Gander series during 2014 to showcase the game. In 2016, Martyn decided to play a single co-op game with Turps to showcase the changes to the game.
  • Also during 2016, The CaffCast decided to play a multiplayer game with Martyn, which was uploaded to Caff's channel. This playthrough was part of his Game & Chill series, where the duo previous played, Enter The Gungeon.

Episode GuideEdit

Caff — Shovel Knight
Video Name Table yt
Shovel Knight & Chill (ft. InTheLittleWood) Just Keep Digging! #1 Watch
Shovel Knight & Chill (ft. InTheLittleWood) King Knight Attack! #2 Watch
Shovel Knight & Chill (ft. InTheLittleWood) SPOOPY SPECTER KNIGHT! #3 Watch
Martyn — Shovel Knight
Video Name Table yt
Shovel Knight (Have A Gander) Watch
Shovel Knight Co-Op: "Hot New Mixtape!" w/ Turps Watch


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