"We're so screwed!"
(Simon, upon taking refuge in the shack.)

Simon's Shack was the first, temporary shelter for Xephos and Honeydew in the Shadow of Israphel series, constructed by the duo as a refuge from monsters for their first night in Minecraftia.


The shack is comprised entirely of wooden plank blocks, arranged in a four by four square and three blocks in height. The cramped space was further restricted by a crafting table placed within. Due to insufficient materials, a tree's canopy was utilised as a substitute for its roof and its natural, dirt floor was left unchanged. The shack lacked any windows, and one could only determine the time of day by either peering out of the door or gazing up through the gaps in the canopy.


As a result of Xephos and Honeydew being distracted by other subjects of interest for the better part of their first day in Minecraftia, the construction on the shack only began at dusk. The duo were just barely able to complete the simple design by the time it was fully dark. They placed down a door by the entrance and hurried inside for safety from hostile mobs.[1]

After briefly scouting the surroundings at the front door, they confirmed the presence of monsters and retreated back into the shelter.[2] As several of the creatures gather outside, Honeydew instructed Xephos to craft a wooden sword and insisted on launching a foray to 'defend this property'.[3] The effort to secure the nearby vicinity was unsuccessful and resulted in not only all monsters surviving the attack, but both heroes being reduced to four hearts on their health bar before forced to retreat inside once again.[4]

Deeming it too risky to venture outside once more, the duo waited until dawn. When the majority of the monsters had burned in sunlight and the area was reasonably secure, they departed the shack in search for a more permanent residence. Eventually, they discovered the cave that would become the YogCave. After they both agreed to rebuild a new home at this location, Honeydew returned back to the shack to demolish it and harvest its wooden planks for future use while Xephos began the first touches in the construction of the YogCave.[5] This demolition was never seen, as Shadow of Israphel was recorded from Xephos' perspective, who remained at the YogCave.

Simon's Shack also made an appearance in How To Survive The First Night (Fan Animation).



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