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Skylord Baako was a Skylord stationed in Skyhold, and the grandfather of Skylord Lysander. He was one of two remaining Skylords in the Hold, with Skylord Vitali, after the death of Skylord Amber, and was very, very ill before his grandson and our heroes arrived. He was healed slightly by Madame Nubescu, who was using the same potion as Fumblemore used to save Old Peculier, and she said he would recover. He told his grandson to take the heroes to the Trials of the Skylords, to gain access to a fragment of Karpath's Map, found in the "control room". When his grandson asked why he couldn't just give it to them, he only responded "you will know soon enough". Shortly after, he exploded, startling all in the room, including Nubescu. This heavily traumatized Honeydew, who vomited Jaffa Cakes all over the place.

He may have been poisoned with something that causes explosion by Skylord Vitali, or exploded by The Taint of Israphel. If he was a victim of Vitali's violent murder spree, then he was the last of Vitali's victims.


Skylord Baako was an elderly man who wore a white suit. He had a grey beard and dark-coloured eyes. He was sickly when our heroes arrived in Skyhold.




Baako was the grandfather of Skylord Lysander and was friendly towards the heroes.

Abilities & Powers[]


  • Like many of the other Shadow of Israphel characters, Skylord Baako's current skin is now of Pirate Tinman.


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Character Popularity[]

In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Shadow of Israphel characters to choose from, Skylord Baako was placed equal 29th overall with 2 votes out of 4412 votes.