"I took his blade and ran him through."
(Skylord Vitali on Finnigan's death.)

Skylord Finnigan was a Skylord stationed in Skyhold, and one of many killed by the rogue Skylord Vitali. In Finnigan's case, he was supposedly run through with his own sword, then buried under an apple tree, along with Skylords Horus, Vimes, James, and the Unknown Skylord. His remains, and the remains of his fellow Skylords, were discovered by Xephos, Honeydew and Skylord Lysander.

It is likely that Finnigan's death was near the end of Vitali's killing spree, as Vitali could only have obtained Finnigan's sword to run him through with by engaging in a duel like Vitali did with James, which means he likely discovered Vitali's plot, perhaps with James. He was likely to be one of the more hot-headed Skylords, as he engaged in a duel with Vitali rather than telling the others, though it was also possible that he didn't have a chance to run.

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Nothing is known of his appearance since he only appeared as a coffin among the other dead Skylords.

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In a poll that was held from January to February 2013 on this wiki with all Shadow of Israphel characters to choose from, Skylord Finnigan was placed equal 29th overall with 2 votes out of 4412 votes.

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