Skylord Valetius was a user which can be seen in several episodes of Tekkit with Duncan, on the original Tekkit server. Very little is known about the identity of this Skylord, but, as the name suggests, he may likely be an actor in Shadow of Israphel

During the first two encounters with this user, Duncan was distracted by the Skylord as he flew past the screen using Swiftwolf's Rending Gale; Duncan remarked on his Dark Matter armor, an item previously unknown to Duncan. The third, and last known encounter with Skylord Valetius, takes place inside Rythian's house during the Tekkit episode Duncan's Lab - 3 - Rythian the Mighty Mage (not evil). It is known through the chat in Duncan's second Tekkit video that he killed Zoey's pet pig "Mr. Piggles" and turned him into porkchops.

Duncan and Rythian debate the outcome of an unprovoked attack on the Skylord using Rythian's "Fus Ro Dah" Ring.

Despite the name, Skylord Valetius has never been seen on any Shadow of Israphel episode under that username.

It could be assumed that Skylord Unknown is Skylord Valetius. This could be said by how when Skylord Valetius appeared in the Yogscast Tekkit series (Duncan's Laboratory) it was two years after Skylord Vitali's rampage on the Skylords (after people's debates on Skylord Unknown). So it could be assumed that Skylord Valetius was featured in Tekkit for us to speculate whether Skylord Valetius is/was Skylord Unknown.

Also another theory for why Skylord Valetius appears in Tekkit could be that he is going to make an appearance in the Shadow Of Israphel series.




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  • His real name is Mike.
  • You can also see his name in the players file of the Crown Conquest that Sjin put up for download on the 25th of October 2012.


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