Solarix is a 2015 science-fiction stealth-based first-person shooter survival horror video game developed by Pulsetense Games and published by KISS Ltd for Windows OS.

In Solarix, players take the role of engineer Walter Terrace, the sole civilian survivor of a viral infection that has wiped out a Solarix corporation space colony on the planet Ancyra. Walter must evade zombified colonists as well as hostile corporate mercenary soldiers while following instructions provided by the colony's A.I. administrator, AMI, in an attempt to stop the infection.[1]


  • Hannah and Kim played the game on the 2015 charity livestreams. This playthrough was uploaded in full to YogscastLive. Though Hannah has also uploaded highlights from the stream on her channel.

Episode GuideEdit

YogscastLive — Solarix
Video Name Table yt
Solarix Livescream with Hannah and Kim Watch
Hannah — Solarix
Video Name Table yt
Solarix (Fright Night LiveSCREAM!) #1 - Tim Watch
Solarix (Fright Night LiveSCREAM!) #2 - HackingMon Watch
Solarix (Fright Night LiveSCREAM!) #3 - Fashion Stream Watch
Solarix (Fright Night LiveSCREAM!) #4 - Q&A Bonanza! Watch


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