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Splatoon is a team-based third-person shooter developed and published by Nintendo. It was released on Japan on May 28, 2015, the May 29th in Europe and North America and on May 30.


  • Martyn did a full playthrough of the game's single player campaign. He then went on to do a few episodes of playing one of the multiplayer modes, Turf War along with his friend, StampyLongHead.
  • Kim, along with Hannah, Martyn, and Duncan did a couple videos on one of the game's multiplayer modes, Turf War.
  • Kim, Duncan, Zoey, and Turps have completed a few episodes of the game in multiplayer together. Duncan was missing for the first game as he forgot to click continue.

Episode Guide[]

Kim — Splatoon
Video Name Table yt.png
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER! - Bazooka That Verruca! Watch
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER! - Paint Rollers! Watch
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER - Nintendo Theories Watch
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER - Stupid Sexy Turps! Watch
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER - Where`s Duncan?! Watch
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER - Right in the `Nades! Watch
SPLATOON MULTIPLAYER! - Get Your `Nades Out! Watch
SPLATOON MUTIPLAYER! - Duncan`s Brush Watch
Martyn Live — Splatoon
Video Name Table yt.png
Splatoon: Where`s My Body?! (Part 1) Watch
Splatoon: Zero To One Hundred (Part 2) Watch
Splatoon: Head Transplant (Part 3) Watch
Martyn — Splatoon
Video Name Table yt.png
Splatoon - Single Player & Plaza (Have A Gander) Watch
Splatoon Campaign - The Mighty Octostomp (Part 2) Watch
Splatoon: Shooting The Sneeze! (Part 3) Watch
Splatoon: Inkvisible Avenues (Part 4) Watch
Splatoon: Rampaging Octowhirl (Part 5) Watch
Splatoon: Far-Flung Flooders (Part 6) Watch
Splatoon: Pinwheel Power Plant (Part 8) Watch
Splatoon: Enter the Octobot King! (Part 9 - Final) Watch
Splatoon: Turf Wars #1 w/ Stampy Watch
Splatoon: Turf Wars #2 w/ Stampy Watch
Splatoon: Ravenous Octomaw! (Part 7) Watch
Splatoon: Tower Control #1 "KNOCKOUT!" Watch
Splatoon: 2.0 Update (NEW Guns, Music, Maps!) Watch