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Steve Bruce is an audio engineer, live producer and live editor for the Yogscast. He joined the Yogscast team in early December 2015. He was confirmed as having joined the team in a tweet from Sam Gibbs: "Be nice to @stevesynclair guys! He's only had a few weeks to learn how it all works, definitely not easy!!".[2]

Steve runs the streams for the High Rollers D&D sessions and has composed an official soundtrack album for it. The album includes several background music tracks and themes for each of the main characters.


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Steve has composed 3 soundtrack albums, 1 extended play, 11 soundtrack singles and 1 remix single as of December 2016. He commonly uses the soundtracks on various Yogscast livestreams on Twitch as background music.

Albums and Extended Plays

Selected Singles


  • Steve's twitter description states he is a "Composer, Music Producer, Sound Designer, Gamer and general all-round geek extraordinaire"
  • Steve is from Wales
  • Steve plays Dungeons & Dragons and is an experienced DM. He runs a wrestling-based D&D game called Ravensraft Wrestling League, which is comprised mainly of people from the High Rollers Fans Discord. Matches are streamed on his twitch channel.



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